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Modifying email when emailing a form

Very common request – I am able to email a pdf form great, but how do I change the email recipients,Subject,Body. I found a very useful post on Stefan Cameron’s blog
I copied his code to create a similar form
The form is posted hereClick here to get the pdf
This form submits the whole pdf as email attachment.
If you are using Acrobat 8.x and above you will have no problem is testing the form out
But if you are using Reader to test the form, it will not work unless you Apply Reader Rights
The instruction to apply Reader rights are here
Let me know if you have any questions


Disabling Form Fields with validation

Many a times you would like to perform field level validations, before submitting the form by email. Also a lot of you would like to hide the submit button when the form is emailed to the end user
I have included a simple form which demonstrates this capability
Please click here to get the pdf
Click Here to get the pdf
Let me know if you have any further questions

Disabling all fields when submitting PDF by Email

This is in response to a request I received earlier today.The request was “How do I submit PDF by Email, and when the PDF reaches the recipient, all the form fields should be set to read only”. I have created a simple form which sets all form fields to read only once the user clicks the “Email Submit Button”. The script which sets the fields to read only is in the MouseDown event of the EmailSubmit button. I have put the xdp,script to set the fields to read only in a PDF as file attachments which can be accessed by clicking here(Click on the paper clip icon to access file attachments)
Submit PDF By Email
To ReaderExtend the PDF form which will allow Adobe Reader users to submit the form follow the instruction mentioned here
How to ReaderExtend form using Acrobat
Let me know if you have any questions

Submit PDF by email

when you design a pdf form which needs to be submitted by email, the default behavior is to submit the xml data of the form as an xml attachment of the email. But it so happens a lot of users would like to get the whole,complete pdf in the email. There are two ways to accomplish this – one way is to use livecycle server to ReaderExtend the form, or you can use acrobat to Apply Usage Rights to the form. If you do not have livecycle server but have Acrobat then you can follow the steps mentioned below achieve your goal
Open the LiveCycle Form Designer
Create your form
Then drag a button on to the form
select the button, then go to its object pallete, in the Field Tab make sure the control type is “Submit”.Then go the submit tab, make sure the submit drop down list is “PDF”, in the submit to url text box type in “mailto:
save the from as PDF
Then open the form in Acrobat
Under Advanced menu there is a option called “Enable Usage Rights in Reader”. Select this option then it asks to save your form.Save the form. This form can now be emailed when the user clicks the submit button