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10 responses to “About

  1. Hi Girish,
    liked your idea, can we get the access to source code in lca file- Tim

  2. Hey,
    do you provide source code for the examples posted on your blog?

  3. Hi, thanks for referring to the Avoka Blog in your blogroll. Just to let you know, we’ve now moved our blog to a new location: http://www.avoka.com/blog

    Perhaps you’d like to update the link..

    Thanks, and happy blogging!


  4. Hi Girish,

    I could use some help here. We’ve been trying for days to get this working:

    I created a form in LiveCycle (Acro Pro 8) and gave the dataset and pub file (after using the distribute form method) to another user. When he sent the file out for people to use the form it worked fine and he received the responses. The problem is that the data import window would not come up. He sent me the files and I can open them up. He is has upgraded to Acro Pro 9.

    Any ideas? Any work arounds?

    Thanks in advance,

  5. That smiley face is suppose to be Acro Pro 8

  6. Hi Girish,
    I have created a table that has numeric fields in them. I am trying to calculate from two fields and generate result in to one cell. for example, first column cell starts with beginning quantity, second column cell is to type number of quantity to remove from the beginning cell and third column to add to the beginning cell. the calculation should be populated in the fourth column cell. I am able to create add calculation script to fourth cell by just adding — Sum(begin1+add1) — but can’t figure out subtract to the same field.
    Please help!!! Thanks in advance, John

  7. I need to have a PDF submitted by email and it works fine, except when using webmail. Any ideas for fixing this? I have used the submit to email and applied user rights. It works fine if you have outlook set up, but when using web mail, it will not work.


  8. Please i have a problem with sending a pdf file via email.I added the mailto: but in outlook express it says mail not sent..Why?

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