Modifying email when emailing a form

Very common request – I am able to email a pdf form great, but how do I change the email recipients,Subject,Body. I found a very useful post on Stefan Cameron’s blog
I copied his code to create a similar form
The form is posted hereClick here to get the pdf
This form submits the whole pdf as email attachment.
If you are using Acrobat 8.x and above you will have no problem is testing the form out
But if you are using Reader to test the form, it will not work unless you Apply Reader Rights
The instruction to apply Reader rights are here
Let me know if you have any questions


25 responses to “Modifying email when emailing a form

  1. Very useful Girish ! Thanks – I tried Stefan’s solution but this is extremely plug’n’play friendly.

  2. Girish,

    I’m trying to change the default email body that is generated after the user click on the submit by email button. I’d like it to say something like, “Thank you for submitting this form” instead of what currently appears. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  3. I’d like to skip the “Select email client” popup when submitting a PDF form to be emailed. The client “doesn’t like that many clicks”, and this is the one she wants to get rid of. The window asks the user to select between Desktop Email Application, Internet Email, or Other. Thanks!

  4. This will work for everyone

    Open the Form in LiveCycle Designer
    Add a button object to the form
    Update the caption to something like ’submit the form’ or ‘email the form’
    Change the Control type of the button to Submit
    Click on the Submit tab and choose PDF for the ‘Submit as’ type
    Update the submit URL e.g.
    Add usage rights to the file. Note: This step is required to get the get this functionality in Adobe Reader. Usage rights can be added using LiveCycle Reader Extensions (or) you can add usage rights in Acrobat 8/9 (Acrobat 8: advanced > Enable usage rights in Adobe Reader; Acrobat 9: advanced > Extend Features in Adobe Reader). Please note: if you use Acrobat to add usage rights to the form, there is a licensing restriction on the number of users and forms. The Acrobat feature is provided for low volume use. Please refer to the Acrobat product license for full details.

  5. Hi Girish,

    How can i add the current filename to a livecycle document at the bottom of my masterpage. As you would in say a footer of a word doc.

    Please advise.


  6. Hello,
    I am trying to change the email address that the form is being sent to when clicking the “Submit by Email” button. I have changed the email address in the Object Palette but still, when the user clicks on “Submit by Email”, it sends to a different email… Can you help?
    Thank you!

  7. I actually came across this while trying to research for the fix…

    I but what do you mean “script”?

  8. Girish,

    I was asking how you add the filename of a PDF doc at the bottom of the masterpage. Like a footer or page number. Would i have to script something like that?

    • Girish Bedekar

      Hi Jamie
      I have sent you the form which does what you wanted

      you just need to add the following script in the calculate event of the text field;

  9. Hi there, I am using Adobe Designer 7 and Acrobat Professional 7 so therefore cannot find how to apply reader rights. I can get my PDF to email as a PDF which is great but I want to change the text that appears in the email that says

    The attached file contains data that was entered into a form. It is not the form itself.

    The recipient of this data file should save it locally with a unique name. Adobe Acrobat Professional 7 or later can process this data by importing it back into the blank form or creating a spreadsheet from several data files. See Help in Adobe Acrobat Professional 7 for more details.

    As this isn’t true?!?!!? Sorry if I am being really dense – have tried both ways of adding a Submit button and changing XML to PDF and adding a normal button and choosing PDF that way but obviously neither of these affects the default email body text. I would really appreciate some help – thank you!

    • Hi
      I do not think you can change the text which is put in the email message. However you can add your own text , I have a post on my blog which explains you the procedure for doing that
      let me know

  10. HI Girish,
    i am trying to make this:

    1. form is compiled by user
    2. user clicks on the reader button “submit by email”
    3. user chooses “send by client”
    4. user changes email address
    5. email is sent by user desktop mail client

    Like it is now user cannot choose email address.

    Hope to hear u soon
    bye, and Thanks.

  11. Hi Girish,

    When I submit by mail, The pdf gets attached to the mail with the name of the pdf. Is it possible to change the name of the attachment programatically without changing the name of the pdf? For example, if the file name is Test.pdf, when I submit the attachment name should be Renamed.pdf instead of Test.pdf.


  12. Hello Grish,

    Keep up the good work,
    I like the PDF example but I am looking to have it so the subject line information will be in the Subject Line of a new email when the Submit button is clicked on. I tried modifying your script a little and had no luck, can you please help.

    Also this is a little different question, but when I open a form I have been working on in LiveCycle sometimes in the Script Editor the click option is not accessible after I have already put a script in there. Any thoughts?

    Thank You,

  13. I am wanting to change the subject line in my PDF to one of the fields the user is filling in on the form…is that possible.
    So the subject line would read the customer # that the user typed in the form I am getting back.
    Does that make sense? I can get it to be any wording as per another one of your answers-but cant figure how to pull the form field into the subject line. thanks!

  14. Hi Grish, is it possible to create a dropdown that will allow me to pick the email address I wish to use to send the file to? Also, I downloaded your pdf, and when I click the send email button I am presented with two javascript windows that say:
    got submit node, so I click the Ok button, then another javascript window pops up with the fields concatenated as such
    got mailto: carl?subject=test &body=hello. Once I click OK, then I get to choose what email method I wish to use, desktop or internet client. Any thoughts.

  15. I cannot get it to work. I’ve tried and tried. I have it set to mailto and set it to pdf – It will not email out. It does allow you to save it, but the email doesn’t come through. I’ve tried differenty types of emails just to see if that was the issue. Please help as I have some documents that I need to have filled out and returned/emailed to specific people. THANK YOU for any help you can provide. Lorri

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