Disabling Form Fields with validation

Many a times you would like to perform field level validations, before submitting the form by email. Also a lot of you would like to hide the submit button when the form is emailed to the end user
I have included a simple form which demonstrates this capability
Please click here to get the pdf
Click Here to get the pdf
Let me know if you have any further questions


8 responses to “Disabling Form Fields with validation

  1. Hi!
    First of all, thanx for all the useful tips I’ve found in this site.

    I’m working with LiveCycle, and created a pdf form with a button that sends the filled form via email.
    What I want, is the ‘Send’ button to not appear in the filled pdf received via email (so the receiver can’t email the form again). I’ve tried what you are saying here, but can’t get it working.
    Ive written the javascript code in ‘Mouse Down’ event but when I receive the copy, the button is enabled again. I’ve tried to do it in other events (preSend, onClick, etc) and while it disables the button in the ‘to-fill’ pdf, it’s fully functionable again in the received-by-email pdf…

    Any ideas?
    Thanx in advance

  2. Hi,

    Could you please tell me how to show the fields as Disabled, meaning that they look like In-Active or dimmed. Setting the property “access” as “readOnly” does work, but the field still looks active.

    Appreciate your help.


  3. what was the solution??

  4. Hi Girish,

    Is there anyway to use this, in combination with one of your other super helpful posts about attaching to email and shutting down the form. To attach to email, validate and disable **except** the signature fields, and hide the attach to email button and some check boxes I have. The check boxes are for internal use, and show certain fields, is it possible to hide these when the submit to email button is selected so that when the form is sent out the options can’t be seen by the customer?

    Thanks so much for your continued support, this blog really is my lifeline!!

    Cheers, Lisa

  5. @Girish

    Sorry for late reply, as I just noticed your post. I don’t have specific form, but my question is general. How to make the button to look “In-active”.


  6. Hi Lisa
    Yes you can lock down specific fields when you submit a pdf by email. You can modify the javascript code to make hide specific fields by settings its presence property using javascript
    The link below will take you the javascript document for acrobat
    Page 413 is where you should look

  7. You’re a legend, thanks Girish!!

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