Passing xml data using events

Very useful feature in LiveCycle ES is the ability to associate xml data with events. This means you can bind your xml data with the events which your process throws. The process which receives these events can easily access this xml data. I have created a simple process which throws and receives events. When a event is throws you can pass the xmldata with the event. When you receive the event you easily access the xmldata elements. (To assign the event data to a process variable, make sure the process variable is marked as “input”)
Here is the link to the document which has the process collaterals. The process lca’s are attached and so is the xsd file which is used in the event message template

Click here to get the document


9 responses to “Passing xml data using events

  1. Girish,

    Could you tell me two things:

    1. In live cycle , how to bind the xml as input data for a particular form. I created a .xml, .dtd, .xsd files for a form. Tried to use”New Data Connection ” menu, But the fields are not getting populated.
    2. What is the best way to bind the xml files with the forms without intervension of the user or admin. So if you have 100 forms, you create 100 xml data files and those should be picked up dynamically by the form when run.

    I would appreciate your help . Thanks and Regards.

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  3. Hello Girish.
    I found your blog when i was searching for help with an XML file created by LiveCycle Designer 8.
    I have created a form witch user should submit to me as a XML file.
    The XML file should be imported by Excel (2003) to an sheet for automatic calculation.
    My problem is that some unwanted rows are added to the excelsheet.
    The field name get an extended name like ***/#agg. Its always when i got numeric field from the PDF form
    Best regards

  4. Girish,
    If I need to include a Map of documents as event data with event.
    How should I define xsd for event data template?



    • Girish Bedekar

      Hi Joanna
      What is your use case, based on the use case I can suggest you the correct solution

      • Hi Girish,

        I would like to load pdf form fields using from a html page. I have seen your post you are populating using xml and xdp. can you please explain me how to do so? I know I need to generate xml and xdp from posted html forms but I dont know how to automatically bind this xml/xdp to pdf forms so that fields get filled.

  5. Girish, I have a form with submit button configured to submit the form in the xml data format. In my servlet, I am trying to get the information from the xml. But, when I click on the submit button in the filled in form, I get following error.. “An error occured during the submit process. Unknown failure.” any clue?

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