Creating Nested Radio Buttons

Just returned from a customer visit,the customer had to convert a paper form in to PDF Form and this involved creating nested radio buttons. It was quite a challenge to get the radio buttons positioned correctly and making them visible/invisible.
I thought it would be a good sample to share.The trick is to have all the radio buttons as part of one exclusion group, then you manipulate its x and y positions to indent the child nodes of the radio button
The following link gets you to the form and the xdp
Nested Radio Buttons
Let me know if you have any questions/comments


22 responses to “Creating Nested Radio Buttons

  1. Hi Girish Bedekar

    I got an assignment from my boss to create a PDF form checklist that is supposed to contain Yes/No radio buttons for every question. In the three coumn table includes Serial number of the question in the 1st column, question in the 2nd column and two radio buttons for selecting yes/no in the 3rd column. But i’m facing problem in positioning radio buttons frequently. I plan to add two radio buttons adjacent just like “O Yes O No” but the two radio buttons are automatically getting positioned one on top and another on the bottom just like O Yes / O No not as i expected “O Yes O No”. Please help me to slove the postioning problem.

    • I am TOTALLY new to this LiveCycle Form world. I have a form currently setup and ready to go, BUT when I preview the form I can select multiple radio buttons in my 1-5 grade scale. I would like to have the radio buttons not function in this manner. I would like to have the end users select one radio button grade in my survey and not multiple. How do I do this action of having only one radio button selected in LiveCycle Forms Designer.

      Thank you so much!!!

      • Girish Bedekar

        Hi Jamie
        As long as your RadioButtons are under the same RadioButtonList they will be mutually exclusive
        Suggest read help on Radio Buttons in LiveCycle Designer

  2. Girish Bedekar

    Can you please send me the form,I will take a look and get back to you.Are you in India, if so may be I can talk to you when I am in India next week

  3. I sent the checklist in an email to Is that ok? Please have a look at it and let me know how i can position two radio buttons in one particular cell of a table as mentioned in the email message.

    thank you very much for a quick response to my request. thanks again.

  4. Hi
    I just changed the co-ordinates and width and height of all the radio buttons to be uniform. I have already sent you the form
    let me know

  5. Hi

    I checked the PDF form. Thanks a billion. i’m much relieved now. Can you list the steps that i should do to acheive the same?

    Thanks again

  6. I am facing the same problem. Would you mind to list steps in here, so everyone who is having this problem can use you method?


  7. To make your radio button group to line up you need: Select the CELL with your radio button group and not buttons themselves. Then Object—–Cell—Flow Direction—Western Text.

  8. Hi
    Thanks for posting. Is you problem solved?

  9. Can you send me the password for this document or send me how you accessed the individual radio buttons within the exclusion group. I cannot get it to work and it is driving me nuts.

    All I need to know is how to check if the exclusion group is empty. In other words, how to check if noradiobuttons have been selected in the exclusion group. Your example is the first I have found that references the exclusion group as I need to and I need to know how you did it.

  10. Dear Mr. Girish
    Thank you for nice radiobutton example. Can I ask more sophisticated question? Suppose we have some ExeptGroups on form. For example: page::form::some_node[n]::one_ExepGroup. How we can address to one_ExepGroup to summarize the quantity on selected radiobuttons?
    The xfa.resolveNodes(page::form::some_node[n]::one_ExepGroup) gives strange results in this case.
    I hope my explanations are clear.
    Thank you in advance.
    P.S. Is it possible to inspect Java-code behind this form? I mean psw 😉

  11. please can you give me the password,I need to and I need to know how you did it.
    Thanks a lot

  12. I am not having issues with my radio buttons lining up or grouping them BUT when I save the document and then reopen in PDF format the tab order is not correct. I have checked the tab order in LC and also checked the Hierarcy and all is correct. Anyone have any ideas??

  13. Is it possible to send me the password? I am trying to create a similar mlti button form and I am really new to Livecycle and I am struggling.


  14. Please send me the password to the document as I am trying to mimic your functionality in my document.


    • The pdf has the xdp as its attachment, which does not have any password. However I have both the files to your email address
      Let me know if you have problems opening it

  15. I am having trouble figuring out how to set up the radio buttons to be part of an exclusion group. Also, I am unable to check the settings when I open your sample, it prompts me for a password. Could you provide the password so i can unlock the file and review the settings in more detail? Thanks 🙂

    • The pdf has the xdp as its attachment, which does not have any password. However I have both the files to your email address
      Let me know if you have problems opening it

  16. Never got the email, just message from eslifeline to confirm my subscription. Maybe it got lost in cyber space 🙂 Can you please resend?

  17. Is there a way you can send me the PDF of the file as well?

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