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when you design a pdf form which needs to be submitted by email, the default behavior is to submit the xml data of the form as an xml attachment of the email. But it so happens a lot of users would like to get the whole,complete pdf in the email. There are two ways to accomplish this – one way is to use livecycle server to ReaderExtend the form, or you can use acrobat to Apply Usage Rights to the form. If you do not have livecycle server but have Acrobat then you can follow the steps mentioned below achieve your goal
Open the LiveCycle Form Designer
Create your form
Then drag a button on to the form
select the button, then go to its object pallete, in the Field Tab make sure the control type is “Submit”.Then go the submit tab, make sure the submit drop down list is “PDF”, in the submit to url text box type in “mailto:
save the from as PDF
Then open the form in Acrobat
Under Advanced menu there is a option called “Enable Usage Rights in Reader”. Select this option then it asks to save your form.Save the form. This form can now be emailed when the user clicks the submit button


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    nice idea!!

    • Hi all,

      I can get the form to send via PDF.. but the data is lost when I send it. I can save the form too, but the data is lost also when it is saved.

      I’ve extended usage rights in reader.

      NOt sure how to go about this.


  2. Hi, I’ve to send the form in PDF format and I’ve got various functions to do it:{cURL:”; Form&body=Please find attached the completed form.”,cSubmitAs:”PDF”,cCharset:”utf-8″});,””, “”, “”, “Avaluació periode ” + P1.Periode.rawValue + ” de l’empleat ” + P1.Empleat.rawValue , “A signar.”);

    but none of those let me change the name of the file that appears as attachment.

    Could anybody help?

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  4. Hi ..

    i try to down the pdf submitbyemail.pdf, i saw this link when i mouse over the link “Disabling all fields when submitting PDF by Email” then click the link submitbyemail link, when i open the pdf file it has a password required, can anyone knows the password of the file? Because im having a problem regarding the email button in pdf, can any one give me a sample code, so that when i fill out the email field in the form then click the email button the form will me send in the email address i put in the email field..

    Thanks and God Bless!!

  5. I don’t know if I have a different version of LiveCycle Design, but when I create the send button, I do not see the submit tab in the object palette. The e-mails still arrive as XLM documents, but I need it to send as a PDF file. I’m using LiveCycle Design version 8.0, if that makes any difference. How do I change the settings so that my file will send as PDF?

  6. Drag a regular button on to the form.Select the button,right click,select pallete -> Object
    Select Submit Radio Option in the Control Type section
    You should then see the submit tab
    hope this helps

  7. Is possible to submit the PDF to a webservice (not e-mail)?

  8. hi
    will get back to you asap

  9. I created a form with a button that allows the user to both save the file and then send it to their email. Create a button then add a javascript on the mouseup event with the following:

    app.execMenuItem(“SaveAs”),””, “”, “”,”This is the subject of the email”, “This is the message of the email”);

  10. In response to Curtis’ question:

    When you have the file open in Designer, select the email button and go up to View and select XML Source
    This will open a new tab inbetween your Body Page and the PDF Preview.
    On this page, the highlighted section is about the SUBMIT button
    Scroll down slowly looking for the line that reads:

    <submit format=”xml”

    Change the “xml” to “pdf” and save
    This will change the way the form is sent

    Hope it helps

  11. To Carla:

    Change the “xml” to “pdf” and save
    This will change the way the form is sent

    I’ve been looking for an answer to this riddle for a long time now; LiveCycle Designer 8 doesn’t seem to have a “submit” tab alongside object properties, and the only available email submission format is xml.

    I tried your suggestion, above, but nothing happens when the submit button is clicked in Acrobat Reader. And yes, I’ve enabled Reader permissions through the advanced menu in Acrobat Professional.

    The other way I’ve successfully created PDF forms with email submission capabilities is from within Acrobat Professional. THis, however, uses the fdf submission format, which I’d be fine with, but apparently this isn’t offered in Livecycle Designer 8.

    Any suggestions?

  12. Nevermind…After all this time I JUST figured it out. The form object palette for “BUtton” DOES contain a radio button to change the behavior to “submit”, which then ACTIVATES the “Submit” tab, which can then be set to type “PDF”.


  13. Hi
    Glad to know it is working for you . Let me know if you have any more questions

  14. Melissa,

    I tried your method but nothing happens when the button is pressed. Can you assist further?

    I have the code in the correct mouseup section; clicked the plus sign to add the code and saved it. Still nothing.

  15. Send me your form,will take a look at it

  16. I am using adobe Reader 8.1 , i am creating a pdf form using life cycle designer,After creating a from while i clicks for preview, it says CoolType Error. i cant able to open the desinged form further.

    can anyone help me on this?

    How to Avoid this CoolType Error?

  17. Hi Girish,

    I used your methods to set up a button to email a filled-out PDF file that has been set to readOnly, so it is locked down. But after the email is sent the form remains locked, so the user might save it that way. If I use the same code to do an access = “open” to unlock the PDF, on what Event would I put this code.



  18. Try putting it in the form ready event

  19. Girish,
    I tried the form ready event and it didn’t work, so I put the disable fields script in the PreSubmit event and the enable fields script in the PostSubmit event and it seems to work OK.

    Do you think this is a good idea or is there a hidden gotcha? Would the PreSubmit event work as well as your original MouseDown event?

  20. Putting the code in the Pre Submit event would also work. Glad to hear you got it working

  21. I have created a fillable form in live cycle 8 and want the form to be emailed when using adobe reader only. Can anyone help.

  22. Hi
    Follow the steps in the article,if you need more help
    let me know

  23. I’ve posted a short article on a related topic here…


  24. Im really in need of some assistance,
    i have tried everything to creat an email submit button. i need the form to come back to my address. but everything i seem to do, doesnt work.

    Any Advice would be good


  25. Hi Will
    Send me your form, I will fix it for you

  26. With the help of you all here I am now able to submit a form and have the reciever get it as a PDF, but what i have not been able to do is make the Subject line of the email be a static line of text. for example i want the subjet line to say “HMP Vendor Issue Report”

    everyone who will be submiting this for has a full version of acrobat and all the emails will go to one central location when submitted.

    I just cant deal with the generic subject string it gives the email.



  27. follow this syntax from MailTo Syntax Page”
    let me know if you need any more help

  28. I’m trying to make my email not use the default email program, but to send it directly over the net. How can I do this? Also, when I send the file it changes the filename to something crazy looking. How can I make it be the submission date + file name?


  29. Sorry, user has to use the default email to send the pdf
    Also as of now there is no way to change the filename

  30. Awww that sucks! Thanks for the help.

  31. I have a PDF with text fields and just want to submit it via email. I have the mailto setup but in Lotus Notes the email address appears twice in the TO: line? Any ideas?


  32. Hmmm never seen anything like that. send me the pdf file

  33. I make a form Designer 7 with a button to submit as pdf attachment. The submission works in Acrobat Professional 7, but cannot get it work in Reader. The option everybody talk about here, “Advanced” “Enable Uasge Rights in Reader” is nowhere to be found. Is it only available in Pro 8 version?

    • Did you ever get a reply to this post? I don’t see a response listed. I’m having the same problem with my Adobe Professional 7.0. The option under Advances is not listed.

  34. Hi
    I am not sure, but will confirm and let you know

  35. Does anyone know if it is is possible to create a submit button (in the way stated above), but not specify a specific email address?
    The form I have created needs to be sent to a number of people and will not always be recieved by the same person/s
    Basically I am trying to create a button that will open a “new mail message” with the PDF attached.

  36. so you do not want to specify a mailto address?
    You want the email client to open up with no address in the “To” field when the user clicks the submit button
    I will get back to you on this

  37. when you design the form make sure the submit button ‘s submit to url text box in the submit tab specify is set to
    Save the form as pdf
    open the form,click on the submit button
    this will open the email client with out populating the “To” field
    let me know if this is what you had wanted

  38. I’ve created a form with a submit button that sends a pdf back to me via email. I made sure to go to Advanced and Enable User Rights. When tested inhouse with our company’s Outlook email it works great – I emailed the form to others in my office who completed the form, pressed submit and I received the completed PDF. However, when the form was sent to those off site, not on an Outlook email system, it didn’t work. Any suggestions?

  39. Hi
    Which e-mail system do the off site people use?

  40. Hi Girish –
    Thanks for your help. You are a complete legend! Works perfect. Thanks again.

  41. Girish,

    In response to your question: The offsite email systems that didn’t work were AOL and Outlook Express. On these systems when the submit button is pressed, nothing happens. Its as if I hadn’t set the Enable User Rights”. In addition, one other test responder was using Mozilla Foxfire as their web browser with an AT&T brand email system, when they hit the submit button it wanted it tried to open up Internet Explorer and set up a new email account. — “Curiouser and curiouser” said Alice.

    I’ve decided to go ahead and send it out to a few live clients, assuming that most of them use Outlook. So far, I’ve received viable responses. But if you have any suggestions on how to use these other email system, let me know.

    Thanks for your help.

  42. I have developed a form using Adobe LiveCycle designer 8 which has an email button. Right now, when the email button is clicked, the form is attached as PDF to the desktop based default email client, Novell or Outlook express.

    Is it possible to have the users select a email client of their choice (Hotmail, GMail etc) as most of our users are general public and are unlikely to use desktop clients.

    • Sorry, I do not think that is possible

      • just_commenting

        Of course it is possible! 🙂 There are 3 options to choose: a Windows emailer such as OutLook express; a currently opened web e-mail such as Hotmail or Yahoo; and Other (if you don’t know which one to chose). Just to add that this dialog appears with an Email Submit Button in a Static pdf form.

  43. I’m using Adobe LiveCycle Designer and want to have a save as button for people to save the form and then submit it. I don’t want to have them send the form to me, just give them the ability to do a save as. I’ve read everything above and still don’t understand what I need to do.


    • I am having the same issue – developed form in LiveCycle Designer ES2, created buttom, emails beautifully as a PDF, with appropriate subject line etc.. However, the intent is for recipients to populate, save it and email it back. I have been trying to have it email as a static form. I have Acrobat Pro and don’t see an advanced tab. How do I set the extension rights?

      Any ideas?

  44. I built a form in Designer, but when the submit email is clicked it opens the outlook set up box trying to initiate a new account, we use Lotus Notes as our email, what do I need to adjust to make it open a Lotus Notes email ? Thanks for any help

  45. Thanks, so you are saying that Designer functionality works with Lotus Notes Email? If it does that’s great, let me try the default mail issue.

  46. Girish,

    Your advice on sending PDF forms via email was right on!
    Thank you so much!


  47. Hi guys,

    I have used Adobe LifeCycle to create HelpDesk form to be put on the website as PDF format, i want the user to have a button that enable him to send the filled form (after filling fields) to press the button and attached this form with the email as PDF, so it will be sent to me. also, i want to have all fields that had been filled to be read only when receiving the mail, such that i can only view the document but not modify any of the fields.

    Could someone help in this?

    many thanks

    • Hi
      The posting has a link to a pdf . Open the pdf and then click on the paper clip icon on the left to view the attachments
      let me know if you need any more help

  48. Dear Girish,

    Thank you for your prompt reply. However, where can i find the mousedown event that the guys are talking about? is in the Object tab or where?

    thanks in advance …


    • open the script editor, in designer from the “Window | Script Editor”
      then select the button and in the script editor you will find all the events

  49. Thanks Girish … you are great !

  50. any way to get a mailto: with no address specified yet have the javascript send the subject?

  51. Hi..

    I have read all the comments and am not sure if this one has been answered, Larry asked about it back in November. I made a form like you said in Designer 7 with a button to submit a pdf attachment to the email i specified. The submission works in Acrobat Professional 7, but it doesn’t work in Reader 7 or Acrobat 6. In Reader it says operation not permitted. The option everybody talks about here, “Advanced” “Enable Uasge Rights in Reader” sounds like the fix but it is nowhere to be found in Adobe Pro 7.Is it only available in Pro 8 version? I also cannot not find it in Advanced in Acrobat 6 Standard I have on another computer, is it under a certain tab?


  52. I have created a form using Designer 8 and have incorporated all relevant advice from the previous comments. Replies come to my Outlook inbox with an xml data file attached. This is good.

    The problem is that I want survey respondents to be able to submit anonymously. Currently, submit causes Outlook to open up and create the e-mail with the .xml file attached to it. What do I need to do to 1) make it so upon clicking submit, Outlook does not open and, instead, there is a message that says “Your response has been submitted. Thank you.” And, 2) to make it so that when I receive the response, the sender is anonymous.

    Also, when prospective respondents click on the web link that opens the PDF, a message appears in a tab at the top: “You are not authorized to view this page.” I checked the permissions in Acrobat but didn’t see any security issues. Any ideas on this?

    Thank you,

    • Hi Ron
      Unfortunately, when submitting by email, Acrobat/Reader just plugs-into the system’s default email client and creates a new email in the user’s name and attaches the XML data. There’s nothing you can do to change this. If you want annonymous submission, you would need to connect the form to a database or web service. They could also have a PHP/servlet page to which the form can post data using an HTTP Submit Button object from the Object Library (similar to the Email Submit Button). In this way, the user’s name isn’t associated with the data unless it’s collected in the form data that’s submitted.

  53. I am trying to launch a livecycle form on a website and I want the submit button to return it through cgiemail but I can’t get it to work. I uploaded a txt. file with the email address that it is to be returned to and the subject and coded the post url associated with the txt. file on the submit button but it won’t respond when I try to submit the pdf. Is there something else I need to do? Or … Is this even possible?

    • Hi
      I am on PTO tomorrow, will get back to you on this on Friday
      one thing is your submit button configured to submit “pdf”, then you will have to use Acrobat or if using reader you will have to apply usage rights to the pdf before putting it on the web site

  54. Hi:
    I have a form with Submit by Email button, and everything works fine. How can I include part of the form information (e.g. value in a text field) as part of the file name of the attachment in the returned email? Thanks

  55. It is such a nighmare when all replies (over 1000s) have the attachments with the same name. It will be super if each attachment can use part of the replied information as part of the attchment name. Even a random name can help. Anyway, thank you for your answer 🙂

  56. I’m new to LiveCycle. I created a form with Data Connection to pre-populate some basic information. On the same form there is a text field which the user can enter comments and then “Submit by Email”. How can I make the form to just send the user entered comment and NOT the pre-populated information in the xml or PDF attachment? Thanks

  57. Hello Girish,
    Thank you very much for explaining why a form can’t be submitted anonymously. Your clear explanation is most appreciated.

  58. Wow, you saved my life here,
    Thanx for the help!

  59. Thank you so much! I couldn’t find this information ANYWHERE until stumbled on this site.

    You have provided a successful end to hours of frustration. Thanks again!

  60. I still have not had an answer and I am still searching for clues as to how I can have a livecycle form returned via cgiemail. I can get people to submit via email and acrobat but not through the cgi-bin. I want them to be able to submit with one click of the mouse – I don’t want them to have to open their email program to send this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hi
      Sorry for the delay. Here are two suggestions for you
      If you distribute a form using or share folder then people don’t submit via email
      Or you can submit, using regular HTTP POST, to a web server, and you have a server app that then mails the data to the recipient.
      let me know if you need any more help

  61. Thanks but that’s not enough information. I can’t connect a livecycle form to a parallel .txt file in the cgiemail protocol. Please go through this in detail or provide an example of a .txt. file.
    Thank you.

  62. Is there a way to make the “submit button” invisible in the submitted form?

    So, for example: You fill out the form, hit “submit” and the PDF that gets emailed to you is not editable, and the “submit” button is not visible.

    Is that possible?


    • Hi
      Yes, I have posted it as one of the answers on my blog
      if you search the comments you will find it
      if not let me know

    • Hi Brandon
      Here is the code to make the submit button invisible
      To hide the email button when the other user gets the form in email you would just need to add the following line at the very bottom of the script after the 2 }} braces
      this.presence = “hidden”;
      the following is the complete script
      for (var nPageCount = 0; nPageCount <; nPageCount++) {
      var oFields = xfa.layout.pageContent(nPageCount, “field”);
      var nNodesLength = oFields.length;
      // Set the field property.
      for (var nNodeCount = 0; nNodeCount < nNodesLength; nNodeCount++) {
      oFields.item(nNodeCount).access = “readOnly”;
      this.presence = “hidden”;

  63. I create the form and the Submit button. I setup the button with in the URL field.

    I then open the form in Arobat 8 pro and Enable Usage Rights in Reader

    The problem i run in to is when i open in Adobe Reader (9) and hit the submit button it prompts me with either option of Desktop e-mail application and internet e-mail.

    Well i have Microsoft office outlook setup on my desktop so i choose this option. However nothing happens. I’m at a lost why.

  64. Hi Girish,

    Thanks so much for the response!

    I tried entering the code on the button, at the very bottom, after the line “—– topmostSubform.Page1.Button1::ready:layout – (JavaScript, client) —————————-”

    Is this the correct location for the code? It didn’t seem to work, as the PDF generated from submitting wasn’t read-only, and the button was still visible.

    Sorry, I’m quite new to using LiveCycle, and don’t know too much of script-writing. Any help is appreciated though 🙂

    Thank you!

  65. Thanks again Girish for the email and working with me on my file!!

  66. Girish,
    I am a new livecycle 8 user. I’v created a form to post on my site for users to fill and submit filled pdf to my web server. I have the submit button set up with the correct IP address and when the button is clicked a connection window pops up that has an active connection.
    However, the PDF does not save to the specified file, and the error only says “General error”
    Any suggestions?

  67. Girish

    I figured it out. My PC must has something corrupted with my outlook install so that i doesnt respond to adobe’s request. I tried the same pdf file one another PC and it worked fine.



  68. I’m also new to Lifecycle. I have created the submit by email button from your help but how do I change the default body text in the email message?


  69. Hey Girish,

    I am trying to email a PDF ( as attachment ). I would also like to run certain validations before emailing the form.

    In the click event, what is the JS syntax to email a form as a PDF ?


  70. Still waiting to hear … does anyone have experience with cgiemail and how to create a parallel .txt document that works with a form created in LiveCycle?

  71. Hi Folks!

    I am experiencing a strange behaviour when using a pdf-form with integrated mail-buttons. This form contains several buttons, each provided with a different mail recipient. When I open the pdf file an hit any mail-button, acrobat reader will open a dialog box, asking which method of delivery (desktop application or internet mail) to use. If I choose ‘desktop application’, the mail client (in my case NOVELL Groupwise 7.03) opens up, creates a new mail, fills in the recipient and attaches the pdf-form. So far so good, but…

    When I open the pdf-document again and hit another mail-button (another mail-recipient), the mail-client pops up, filling in the former mail-recipient (from the first attempt). I can hit any mail-button – it is going to change nothing.

    I have tried reinstalling the application (Adobe Reader 7.05), but the problem remains constant. I have also tried to use another mail client (Outlook Express) – no change! The problem must be caused by acrobat or the document itself, although I ask myself, why the document works on another machine!

    I am using Windows XP Professional SP3 with Adobe Reader 7.05.

    Any ideas?

    • Hi Mathias
      I am sorry, I do not know the answer to this. But could you explain the reason for having multiple email submit buttons?

  72. NEW USER Question

    Hi, I’ve created a basic form to be filled out by many people who will then return it via e-mail using the Submit by Email button. My problem is that all the returned XML files are named the same thing. So, when I go to save these XML files (for compiling in Excel), I can’t because they all have the same names. What am I doing wrong?

    I will be distributing the form via e-mail to about 100 users.

    Thanks for any help in advance.


  73. Hi All,
    I work for a university and I want to use the LiveCycle forms and have them submitted via the web server using HTTP POST. I think I understand how to do things from my end but the ITS dept. says it can’t be done. In the past, I have set up simple forms using HTML and had the data returned using a parallel text file uploaded on the server. Is there any way to do the same with the LiveCycle/Acrobat forms? I need some ammunition to go back to ITS with. Please help. Thanks

  74. @ Girish Bedekar

    The reason for having multiple submit buttons is to automatically fill in the right e-mail recipient. It is nothing special, just a little more comfort.

  75. Is it possible to have a mailto command insert the property from one field. i.e If my form contains a job number I want the form to be emailed saying ORDER FORM – JOB NUMBER 0123 in the subject bar.

    I can do the ORDER FORM bit no problem but need a way to insert the field data into the email subject (It’s so all emails that are received don’t have the same title)

    Thanks in advance

  76. Thanks Girish

    That doesn’t quite do what I require. I need the subject line (within email app) to automatically add a field value.

    I can set up to email…

    Subject: Despatch Info

    but I want it to draw info from a job number field within the pdf and do…

    Subject. Despatch info JOB 1234

    with JOB 1234 initially typed in another field.

    It may be that your post is what I need but I’m having trouble extracting it.

    Thanks again for your help

  77. I created a fillable form using livecycle 8.0. I need the form to become read only once submitted. I also want submit button to disappear. How exactly is this done? Saw posting showing script but that didn’t seem to work when I pasted into mousedown script. Everything is done with this form except this problem.
    HELP! Thank you

  78. I created a fillabel form using livecycle 8.0. I need the form to become a read only once submitted. I also want submit button to disappear. How is this done. I’ve read all postings and tried to insert script from attachment but that did not seem to work. What is the exact process for completing this task. It is the last step for me prior to be able to distribute the form.

    HELP! Thank you.

  79. I have created the button just as you stated but when I try to use the button in Adobe Reader it does not respond what am I doing wrong Adobe Pro reports no errors while I am creating the form.

  80. Todd Bostwick


    Great help here – but what’s the protocol for sending to multiple e-mail recipients. I’m using a ‘SUBMIT’ button, and the mailto: f
    for the “one” person currently receiving this form.
    Now I need to send to two recipients, this same form. I’m using ‘Submit As’ = PDF and I’ve done the Usage rights management in AdobePro9 already – just can’t get two recipients into this box, and into the email (Outlook) when the ‘Submit’ button is used.

    Please advise

  81. Todd Bostwick

    Perfect! Worked like a charm… Thanks for the great feedback/follow-up. I’ll be recommending this site to others who use PDF’s and design in LiveDesigner.



  82. Hi,
    My form works perfectly. But…
    How can I make it automatically close and then display a thank you message after the person clicks on submit?

    • Girish Bedekar

      Hi Ron
      Is the form being submitted via e-mail, if so the form gets attached to the email as an attachment.
      Let me know

  83. Girish,
    I’m sorry, I should have been more specific.
    My form is setup to be distributed later and the response is sent to my mailbox.

    When I fill out the form and submit, the form stays on the screen unless I close it. When others click on the link to open the form and then submit it, they are presented with the three options of how they wish to send their response (Desktop Email). A message opens with the attachment and they send it.

    I have also been presented with the three options, but not recently; for me, the form is automatically sent. I don’t know why I don’t see the three options anymore for this form.

    Assuming the respondent will alway be presented with the three options, how do I make two things happen after they send the message: 1. The PDF form closes automatically,
    2. A message appears as a popup or html page that says “Thanks for your participation,” which they can then close.

    I tried your suggestion to send the form to myself as a PDF attachment instead of XML data, but I saw no difference and still had to mannually close the PDF.

    I found this suggestion for closing a html form with a Thank you, but don’t know how it might apply to LiveCycle:

    form data here!

    Thank you for making this pledge.


    Any ideas?

  84. I have created a form in livecycle 8 and need some assitance with changing some form functionality.

    Basically, a user enters data in some fields and then clicks the email button which I have set to send as an attached PDF. When the second user opens the form I want them to see all the data/fields but not be able to change data entered by the first user. The second user does need to add their own data to other fields in the form though.

    Any ideas if this is possible and if so how to go about?

    • Girish Bedekar

      Hi Andrew
      Yes it is possible. In the script which disables fields, you decide which fields are to remain enabled and which fields are to be set to readonly
      let me know if you need any more help

  85. I’m getting the error message: “This Submit button is incomplete. Invalid email address. Enter an email address of the form: “”. It happens when I type the following into the “Submit to URL” There is no problem if the address begins with a letter, only if it starts with a number.

  86. Here is a question that I posted on the forums – everyone talks about a “control type” dialogue but it is not found on my object//field

    any clues?

    • Girish Bedekar

      Hi Patrick
      I have sent you the bitmap of the Button object properties. You can also do this by selecting the button
      Right click, Select Pallette, Select Object, . You should see the control type radio button in the “Field” tab
      let me know

  87. Hi.
    I know that this issue was discussed many times, but I need some help.
    I need to email form designed in lc 8.0 in pdf format. I tried creating submit button with, “” – none of this works for me. I also tried submit to email button and change xml to pdf – did not work. Any help will be greatly appreciated

    thank you in advance

  88. Hi Girish,

    Is there a way to append the filename of the PDF before submitting now?


    • Girish Bedekar

      Sorry AFAIK there is no way to control the name of the file which gets added to the email attachment.
      Will let u know if I find out a way of doing this

  89. Hi Friends,
    I have a question about my problem about my thesis.
    I have created a complex form with tables and numeric requests. But some receivers dont have javascript and some others dont know making attachment in their mails 🙂
    So, my question is, what do you suggest me to make this form easy and simple access which people can send directly without complex(like attaching:) steps.
    Unfortunately i dont know HTML, XML languages and dont have a website.
    But i have Adobe Acrıbat 9 Pro Ext with LiveCycle Designer

    • Girish Bedekar

      Hi Fatih
      Can you please explain your use case to me in a bit more detail? That way I can better assist you

  90. Hi Girish,
    First i have prepared a form with tables and texts. Than i’ve converted it to PDF Form. There are lots of radio buttons, open rich texts etc.
    I am trying to distribute this form via e-mails. But in my pilot study some people said that we have trouble to open and some troubles to send it back with Submit Form button. There was an error text saying that Warning: There is javascrip error etc in their pc. I thought that they have an not got necessery software to run it.
    Some firends said me that all people may not know making attachments with their mails, it’s unbelievable but may be true :s
    Anyway i spent lots of time to prepare this form. Because easy to collect data at the end.
    If possible i want to solve this problem with an easy way. i can just give a link to an address to form fillable and sendable directly. or in a way they can see the form when they open their mails.
    I don’t know what and how to do this.
    I would be so so glad to solve my problem
    Thanks for your delicacy

  91. How do I amend the standard, default text that shows up after a user clicks the submit button of a form?

    Next to the XML-attachment, this is the standard text that currently shows up:

    “The attached file contains data that was entered into a form. It is not the form itself.

    The recipient of this data file should save it locally with a unique name. Adobe Acrobat Professional 7 or later can process this data by importing it back into the blank form or creating a spreadsheet from several data files. See Help in Adobe Acrobat Professional 7 for more details.”

    • Girish Bedekar

      Hi Chris
      I am not sure if that is possible, any way I will check and get back to you

      • I have the standard message “The attached file contains…” problem as well, and previously this did not happen. I’m not sure what to do, but I certainly do not want my customers to have to delete it to before sending the email.

      • Chris Caines

        Girish – I’m still not sure how I can change the body text on the XML email submit without it putting it in the Subject link, but I am using &body… any ideas?

  92. YOU ROCK.. the last step saved me hours!
    Thank you!

  93. Thanks Girish. I’ve tried &body= with mixed results, adding the &body bit to the subjet line. It’s a shame it’s proving difficult, great program – thanks to this blog it makes it workable!!!

  94. Nicolas Mejia

    Hi there,
    I created a PDF form using live cycle, my problem is: when I pre-filled the form with some information, save it and send it to my customer (as an attached file), s/he cannot send it back to me by email. The “submit by email” button doesn’t work, the dialog box asking one of the two options (Desktop email application or Internet Email) doesn’t appear.
    I’m wondering whether is a version problem or that I have the original version of the form in my hard disk or finally some configuration issues.
    Thank you in advance for your help

  95. Nicolas Mejia

    Hi Girish,
    I did what you told me but the problem is still there. It seems to be a version problem because when I try it with version 9 it works but with lower versions (7.5.1) doesn’t work although in the initial settings I chose for 7.0.5 versions and later
    Is there anything else could I do to solve it through configuration?
    Girish thanks in advance for your help

  96. Hi

    I have a form that emails to an address. Does anyone know how or if I can use the same button to email to different address?


  97. Hi Girish

    Thanks for your reply
    I am still very new to this. My problem is that I was to pre-define the email address dependent on items selected in a dropdown in the form. E.g:

    If “drop down box” == “1”

    Else if “drop down box” == 2

    Else if “drop down box” == “3”

    Is this possible?

    Many thanks

    • Girish Bedekar

      Hi Tara
      I have sent you the form , let me know if that worked

      • Can you please send me the form/script used to solve this problem?

        Many thanks,

      • Girish Bedekar

        This is the script which is used to disable the form fields. Use this script in the click event of the email button.
        Let me know if you need any more help
        for (var nPageCount = 0; nPageCount <; nPageCount++) {

        var oFields = xfa.layout.pageContent(nPageCount, "field");

        var nNodesLength = oFields.length;

        // Set the field property.

        for (var nNodeCount = 0; nNodeCount < nNodesLength; nNodeCount++) {

        oFields.item(nNodeCount).access = "readOnly";



      • Hi Girish,

        Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I’m using code in LiveCycle for the first time, so it’s pretty confusing.

        I got my email button working using a different solution from yours; but still have one small problem.

        I created a dropdown list with 8 items, used that to populate 4 (invisible)text fields, then set the email (regular) button click event to get To:, CC:, Subject:, and Message: from those text boxes.

        The small problem is that the email only works if I include both a TO: and a CC: address for each item. But in some cases, we don’t want a CC:. If the CC: field is left blank, the email button returns a message saying it doesn’t recognise the null field.

        Can you help with this?

        Here is an example of the first two items from the change event code of the dropdown list —
        var sNewSel = this.boundItem(xfa.event.newText);
        var bEnableTextField = true;

        switch (sNewSel)
        case “1”: // Title of first item
        fldCC.rawValue=”” THIS ONE SHD BE NO CC:
        fldSubject.rawValue=”text for subject line”
        fldMessage.rawValue=”message text”

        case “2”: // Title of second item
        fldTo.rawValue =””
        fldSubject.rawValue=”text for subject”
        fldMessage.rawValue=”message text
        etc . . .

        The email (regular) button click event code is:

        //Create a variable to hold the document object
        var oDoc =;

        bUI: true,
        cTo: fldTo.rawValue,
        cCc: fldCC.rawValue,
        cSubject: fldSubject.rawValue,
        cMsg: fldMessage.rawValue

        I have tried using
        fldCC.rawValue=” ”
        and just leaving this line out altogether for the one item, but nothing works.

        As I said, everything works fine as long as there is something for each item for both the TO: and CC: fields. If a CC: field is blank, an error warning is triggered saying that a null field isn’t recognised.

        Many thanks for any assistance,

      • Girish Bedekar

        You may want to check with this tool which helps you build forms easily. It is tool to build adobe forms

        In the meantime I will get back to your query soon

      • Hi Girish,
        Unfortunately, I am not in a position to buy software. I’m in a corporate environment and have to use what we are given. Thanks for the suggestion, though. I guess LiveCycle isn’t the most powerful program, but it should do what I want, I think, no?
        Be well,

      • I had been fiddling around with the dropdown script. However, I think my problem is in the button script, because it says to get the CC: from the correct field, but it doesn’t say what to do if there is nothing in that field.

      • Girish Bedekar

        OK, All I did was the following
        case “1”: // Association of Independent Schools
        fldSubject.rawValue=”AIS – Referral to the NSW Centre for Effective Reading”
        fldMessage.rawValue=”The attached electronic application form need not contain signatures. However, a signed hard copy of this document must be on file in the student’s school.”

        Then in the click event of the e-mail button I have the following code

        var oDoc =;
        if (fldCC.rawValue == “fake”)
        bUI: true,
        cTo: fldTo.rawValue,
        cSubject: fldSubject.rawValue,
        cMsg: fldMessage.rawValue

        bUI: true,
        cTo: fldTo.rawValue,
        cCc: fldCC.rawValue,
        cSubject: fldSubject.rawValue,
        cMsg: fldMessage.rawValue

      • Brilliant! Perfect! thanks a million!!


    ok.. I created a fillable for from my pdf.. Everything looks good i guess. I have a reset button, print button and submit button. Print and reset are the bomb.. One thing thats a little trickyish. And i tried loading wamp on my other computer to put this to a test. I wanna be able to submit this pdf to a so called database. Have u ever done that or something similar? Submit to another location?

  99. Acrobat 9 PRO-extended
    LiveCycle designer ES 8.2
    I made a form fillable. with livecycle… And i can open it in acrobat and fill out the form. Well.. i added a print button and i added a reset button and both works just fine. I added a submit button and tried to install wamp on my windows computer so i may host it, But i wanted my submit button to submit to another computer folder on the same network, but it will also have access to the http. Has anyone tried, or have u tried to do so??? Cause that submitting is gonna be a backup!!

    • Girish Bedekar

      Hi Junior
      what is “wamp” that you are trying to install? Submit button can submit to Http url or submit by email
      I do not get our use case, can you please explain it a little more for me please?

  100. never mind the wamp part, its just a easy way of creating a server in case u dont have one at home. But im gonna send u the form so u can look at it.

  101. i have 4 RNs.. they need to fill this form out, and after that, they need to print then submit.. Printing for folder records and then submitting for backup records.. I have a custom built server box in my office. I tried to use the submit to submit to a network computer.. but that didnt work. I tried creating a www for it to submit to, and it didnt. I dont know what else. I would use emails, but not all the nurses have outlook setup on their comps and dont feel like haveing to login to webmail. 30 times a day. So i need to submit via http, but its not submitting.. not even over a network. Am i forgetting something.

  102. Hi, I’ve designed a form in Livecycle 8 which is to be completed and returned by email. I have no problems when using it and having it returned to my email address but when I try and specify a different address to submit to I get a security warning: “the document is trying to connect to ’email’, it you trust this site select allow”. If I choose allow I get a general error, nothing done message. I’m another newbie to this but you seem to be full of good advice so I have great hopes you’ll be able to help. Thanks. I have selected responses to be in XML format.

  103. the form i hav created has a submit by email button but the resultant values filled by people is mailed to me in da form of data i want the resultant output in da form of da pdf itself pls help

  104. Hi,
    I am using Adobe life cycle designer 8 and Adobe reader. My requirment is to send form as PDF when ‘SUBMIT’ button is pressed. I also designed the form. But my problem is i have only Internet Access and Outlook is not configured on my desktop. I don’t know how to send the PDF as attachment in this scenario. Pls help.

    • Girish Bedekar

      Hi Sumitha
      Sorry you do need to have some email client configured (outlook or lotus notes) to send the form by email

  105. Hi, I have created a form on LC designer got it to email OK. I have read comments that you can block fields from being edited once it has been sent. I have read through the comments already on here but nothing works.

    I did not created the forms from scratch, I got a template in word and imported this into LC using the wizard. This does seemt o block some of the objects that you can use. i.e. Tables. Could this be the reason why the option to block the fields is not avaiable?

  106. The problem is after the users fill da form and send it to me i get it in da form of an xml document i tried using steven cameroons sample its giving da same problem

  107. I have designed a form in Livecycle Designer Version 8.0. I followed all the steps to have an email button.
    I have Arcobat 8.0 Professional and reader 9.0. And neither one have the “advanced menu” to “Enable Usage Rights in Reader”. This seems to be the last step to reaching the goal of having the email form come as a PDF and not XML. What am I missing? With the programs I have – how can I get this to work?
    Please help!

    • Girish Bedekar

      Hmm that is odd, are you sure you are using Acrobat professional? I am pretty sure the “Enable usgae rights” option is in acrobat pro. I am on my vacation till aug 3rd, with limited access to e-mail. I will definately be able to look into your issue when I return from my vacation

  108. Hi,
    I have an active form (job application) pdf made in lifecycle 8 about a year ago. Its been working fine until suddenly emails with this as an attachement are no longer being received.
    I have checked my email system by testing other pdfs,docs, etc. and its only happening with this specific file. Could this be a symptom of reaching the 500 download limit? Could you suggest anything? I hope there are other remedies besides rebuilding the form from scratch and giving it a new name.
    Please advise.

  109. Like Mike, i would like to edit the subject line of an email button link that references the information from a field: im my case i would like the subject line to have an account number associated with it, which is something that a client enters in a field on the form. is there a way to get this information in the subject line? I am not that good with java and couldnt figure out that post.

    Also, is there a way to change the order in which you tab from field to field on a form, because when i try to tab it doesn’t go in the order that I want it to.

    Thanks for the help!

  110. Hello there,

    I have created a form using LiveCycle Designer ES 8.2.

    Is it possible to get the email button to send the form to different email addresses depending on what is entered into one of the fields in the form? I imagine it should be with a few tweeks to the XML code, but I’m not that good with programming. Suggestions anyone?

  111. I am creating a form that needs to be encrypted to ensure credit card data is secure. How do I do this with the preSubmit event?



    • Deb
      Did anyone ever answer you?
      I have created a form that submits the data using the person’s email. I have a similar concern. The form asks for health data, and i need to know that it is safe for the users to send it.
      I haven’t been able to find information about security of submitted information from Adobe documents.

      • Girish Bedekar

        You have 2 options
        Encrypt the PDF with a password using LC and/or Acrobat
        Encrypt the PDF with an LC Rights Managament policy

      • Girish
        Wow – a quick reply. THANKS.
        We don’t submit the pdf, just the data. Is there a way to encrypt the data?
        Thanks again.

      • Girish Bedekar

        So your use case is as follows
        User A fills out a health related form
        Clicks the submit button
        A e-mail with the data as attachments is received at your end
        Is this scenario correct. Now you want to encrypt the e-mail message which contains the data?

      • Girish
        Yes, that is the process.
        I’m not sure if we need to encrypt the email – or if there is a way to encrypt the data – or if the data is already encrypted by Adobe as part of the process.

      • Girish Bedekar

        Submitting just the data over email is going to be as secure as the email system being used. If you are very concerned then they could submit the PDF and then you have a variety of secure options

  112. Hi! This article really help me! And I love that you always have answers for everyone! I was just wondering if you know what code I should use in php to send the pdf to a email address. I don’t want to open and Email program like Outlook because not everyone uses one. Thank you!

    • Hi Laura
      You can write a servlet and configure the submit button of the Form to submit to this servlet. This servlet can then email to your mail recipients using java code. I am not familiar with php
      hope this helps
      let me know if you need any more help

  113. I created a form with send email button. In Acrobat, I enabled rights for Reader. When the user clicks on the Send E-mail button, New message window opens in outlook with the PDF attached and the recipients address. Once completed with composing, user clicks on the outlook’s Send button but doesn’t go anywhere. It seems frozen. Please let me know if there is a solution for this. Thank you, JB

  114. In regards to the post July 10th.
    I have Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional and across the top of the screen shows no “advanced Menu”. It has File/ Edit/ View/ Document/ Tools/ Window/ Help. I have looked hard for anything under these and I find no “enable User Rights”. I also work for a company that uses Lotus notes 6.5.5 and each time I use the email button in the XML (not perferred way – would rather have the PDF) It comes with an extended text reading:
    “The attached file contains data that was entered into a form. It is not the form itself.
    The recipient of this data file should save it locally with a unique name. Adobe Acrobat Professional 7 or later can process this data by importing it back into the blank form or creating a spreadsheet from several data files. See Help in Adobe Acrobat Professional 7 or later for more details.”
    In addition to my first question on enabling user rights, how can I get rid of the additional text when emailing the form?

  115. hi…i REALLY need help with this! I have a pdf, and need to have it sent to several different people…chosen by the user. i created subforms for each submit button, with a mailto: for each name. the problem…it will only send to the first person on the first submit button!

    how do i allow for multiple emails? the pdf isnt being CC’d, its one person for each submit button.

    hope this makes sense!!

  116. oh…and im not a programmer type…so if you tell me to paste in some kind of code…PLEASE tell me exactly where to paste it!!!

    thanks loads!

  117. Hi,
    I hope you can help me. I’ve created a form using Acrobat 8 and i want user to fill it and http submit. It all works fine. But, I also want the fields to lock after http submit. Is it possible? I’ve tried using both the submit and locking javascript on the same event, but it’s not working. Is there a way to do this? Thanx

    • Hi Igor
      Can you send me your form( please, I will take a look and let you know

  118. Girish, thanx, but I solved the problem. The problem was that I could not put two actions in one event, so I made two events for the same button, click and mouse down. On click I execute http submit and on Mouse down I lock the fields.
    Now it works like a charm! Thanx anyway!

  119. Thank you, thank you and thank you 1000 times! I have been trying to get this accomplished for the better part of an afternoon using the ‘help?’ feature both on Adobe Pro 9 and LiveCycle.

    Following your excellent directions, I was able to complete this SIMPLE task in just a few minutes. Incidentally, I have need for our staff to send the data as xml to another department and the PDF form itself to our office admin. BOTH submit buttons work just fine. Still playing with the look of it – decluttering but it works!

  120. Hi,

    I created a PDF form using livecycle using the exact method you described above. And for some reason, whenever I click the email button, it opens up an email with it attached but whenever I click the send button in outlook, nothing happens at all. And I can’t send it because of that.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks a bunch!!

    • hi Michael
      the fact that it opens up the e-mail client means the form is working well.
      It has to do with outlook then
      I would suggest exit outlook and try again

  121. Thanks for the input Girsh but the problem is that I have had another person try it using outlook as well and they had the exact same problem. So it can’t be just my outlook. Any other ideas?

    • I just tried sending the PDF using Mac Mail and it worked…so clearly there is something happening with the interaction between the PDF and outlook. And it’s not just my outlook either because the same problem happened to another person trying to do the same thing using outlook. Any ideas?

  122. Hi Michael,

    I’ve got the same problem here…

    I’m using Outlook 2007 & LiveCycle 8.2.1

  123. Girish have you been able to figure out how the PDF submited by email is able to inherit the original document name, instead of 13ek1902k4f3862t6k.pdf. I want to use the original file name of 123xyz.pdf.

  124. Also how do you keep the FORM FIELDs highlighted automatically when sent to another person. I know on Acrobat Pro on the FORM tab there is an option to HIGHLIGHT FIELDS. But I want it to be automatic.

  125. Hi Girish, I have the same problem as R Dace did last year. I want to submit my PDF via email and in Lotus Notes the email address appears twice in the TO: line? Did you fix R. Dace problem? Please help!

    • Hi Carol
      Sorry, I could not find a fix for the problem. I do not have access to lotus notes to see the problem

  126. How can I make the box outline disappear when after filling in the content?

    Creating a certificate. Want people to supply a name and when print I don’t want to see a box outline around the name.

  127. Thanks a zillion. This is great information.

  128. Hi Girish,
    I have created a table that has numeric fields in them. I am trying to calculate from two fields and generate result in to one cell. for example, first column cell starts with beginning quantity, second column cell is to type number of quantity to remove from the beginning cell and third column to add to the beginning cell. the calculation should be populated in the fourth column cell. I am able to create add calculation script to fourth cell by just adding — Sum(begin1+add1) — but can’t figure out subtract to the same field.
    Please help!!! Thanks in advance, John

  129. Hi Girish,

    I am wondering if you can help if you look at the site and see careers section on my fillable form i can not get it to email and i have read and tried some of the suggestions but nothing works. Using Adobe LC Designer 8. Any ideas

    • Hi
      I tried the form and it is submitting, the end user needs to have some email client such as outlook on his desktop for this to work
      let me know

  130. Has anyone figured out the problem with the send button in Outlook not working? I created a form today but it will not send via Outlook after the form has been filled out. I can send by pressing CTRL + Enter but the Send button is completely disabled. I can’t really distribute this form to my recipients and tell them, “Oh, by the way, the Send button will not work when you try to send the form so you have to press CTRL + Enter”. Any help would be appreciated.

  131. Hi
    I’ve tried to do this in Adobe Designer – using a button.
    In control type I’ve selected the radio button “submit”
    Then Under Submit, I selected PDF, then in URL I’ve typed “mailto:”

    Then I get an error message that I need to be running inside a web-brower to submit this form.

    Any ideas?

  132. Hi Girish,

    Yeah. Basically I’m creating a form for our sales reps to use. It’s an interactive form, with certain fields that are required to be filled in prior to sending.

    When I test it, I can fill in the form and send it – but the xml file cannot be imported into a blank form, which renders the data unusable.

    Then one of our local IT personnel here on site suggested I try to get it to email with the whole PDF attachment. So rather than using the ‘submit by email’ button on Lifecycle, I tried to use a normal button. Under control type I chose submit. Under the submit tab, I chose ‘PDF’ in the drop down, and in the url box I used the syntax mailto:

    This didn’t work.

    The error messages were either : The operation failed; or that I needed to be in a web-browser.

    I’m using Adobe Lifecycle and Professional v 7.0 if this helps. The office uses outlook.


    • Hi
      I just sent you a form, try submitting that form by clicking the submit button, it should open the outlook client and send the pdf to yourself
      let me know

      • Hi Girish,
        Worked perfectly. PDF file attached. Outlook client opened.
        I’m now baffled!

      • Girish Bedekar

        Open the form I sent , in our designer and save it
        then try it again
        or you can send me your form, will take a look
        Which country do you work in? Australia

      • Yes I work in Australia.
        Thanks – the form is working now
        I’m not sure what I did yesterday, because I didn’t do anything differently today.

        Thanks heaps! 🙂

  133. Hello, I am creating forms/applications for my place of business. We are trying to do away with paper and have applications submitted online. Is there a way that when a client pushes the ‘Submit by Email’ button, something can auto populate such as ‘This Application was Submitted Online” or have the date submitted displayed? I’ve looked everywhere and cannot find help. Thanks!

    • Hi Ryan
      When you say auto populate- do you mean populating a text field on the form?
      let me know

      • Yes, I mean a text field or signature field. We just need something that will populate when the client submits it online, letting us know that it was done that way. I know we will receive an email of the .pdf, but since we are locking the fields upon submission, we need something in the signature/text field verifying the submittal. If you know of a better way to do this, I am open to suggestions.

      • Girish Bedekar

        You can put a hidden field on the form, when the user clicks the submit button, disable the fields you want and enable this hidden field. This way you will know the form has been submitted using email
        let me know

      • That works…is there a way to do that with the date too? In other words, can I make a hidden date field that automatically appears what day it is filled out and submitted?

  134. Hello Girish,

    I was asked to make fillable form from a word doc. I am using Adobe Pro 9 and LiveCycle 8.2. I am trying to make a button that sends an email to a specified email address with the pdf as an attachment, as well as have the pdf auto-close after pressing the submit button and have the form that is sent to the sender hide the “submit” button. I don’t know much about coding, which is the hard part.

    So far, I have been able to get the button to send an email with the pdf attached, but I cannot get the pdf to auto-close and hide the “submit” button upon arrival. Thoughts? Any help would be appreciated!



    • Hi Rajeev
      When you submit the pdf uisng the submit button the pdf gets attached to the email as email attachments, the pdf is closed
      To hide the submit button on arrival you will need to make the buttons presence as hidden in the mousedown event

  135. So what did you do to the submit button to close the PDF after the submit button sends the email? I really want to find a solution for this.

  136. Hey, probably they already asked you so, but too many comments to read to find the answer..
    My problem is that when i test to submit the form created in Adobe Acrobat, instead of sending back the form to my gmail email, it gives me this error message “The SendMail doesn’t know how to talk to your default mail client. Please select a different mail application to use.”
    Same problem in distributing the form, “Failed to distribute the form via email. Detailed error: -same reason written above-“

    • Hi Sara
      You need to have email client like outlook installed on your machine.
      Or you can configure the acrobat form to talk to a servlet and let the servlet do the handling
      let me know

  137. Created a form on Livecycle. The form as a Submit button which generates a PDF ready to email through outlook… Everything works fine, but how do I get the Submit button to not appear on the generated PDF

    • hi
      You will have to have the submit button using javascript
      Do the following
      Put a email submit button, make it invisible
      Put a button on the form “Click to Submit”
      in this button click event
      hide the button using javascript which is somethng like this this.presence = “hidden”;
      call the email submit buttons click event using javscript exec_Event(“click”)
      let me know

  138. Hi Girish, I am trying to have three send email buttons on a form. first one goes to approver and booker. second and third goes to booker and traveler. For all three buttons, mailto: email addresses and the subject line are populated by textfields in the form. It works for one button but when i add another button with different email addresses and subject it doesn’t work. when the second button is clicked, it activates the script that was written for first button. Hope I make sense here… is there a solution for this. let me know if you need for info.. Thanks, Jbhasme

  139. Hi

    I’ve set up a form on Livecycle which has an email submit button. When this form arrives at it’s location I want it so the user can open up the PDF and print it.. that’s all. Currently the form is submitted and I find that the filled in information can be modified and changed. Is there a way to generate a flat form PDF so nothing can be changed?



  140. I’m trying to add a “Submit” button to a PDF form. The problem arises when the client clicks on the “Submit” button MS Outlook is triggered. Not a problem as long as the default email is indeed MS Outlook but a real problem if the user only uses a client other than MS Outlook, such as Gmail. Anyonbe know of a work around other than requiring the client to save to the HD, fill out the form then reply as an attachment – not a very professional solution.
    Thanks very much guys,

    • Girish Bedekar

      Sorry, you need to have e-mail client installed on the end users machine, can be either outlook or lotus notes
      Acrobat has not way of opening gmail/yahoo/hotmail

  141. It’s interesting to read your reply . . .

    ” Girish Bedekar // March 6, 2010 at 4:24 am | Reply

    Sorry, you need to have e-mail client installed on the end users machine, can be either outlook or lotus notes
    Acrobat has not way of opening gmail/yahoo/hotmail”

    When works quite well with Gmail, Hotmail etc when looking in my Gmail address book and initiating a review. If, an Adobe product, can do that then why can’t Acrobat 9 Pro be expected to be at the same level of professionalism by its customers?

    Bob Sloan
    Canberra, Australia

  142. Thanks for ALL the great info on this post. I to am having a challenge that is not already addressed here. I am attempting to send form data as well as the PDF in a single email. I can send the data. I can send the form. But I have not figured out how to do both simultaneously. Every attempt I do sets up as two events. Thanks in advance!!

  143. I see where several people have asked about submitting the pdf via server side e-mail, rather than using the client’s mail program.
    I found a 3rd party product, that was very inexpensive that worked for me. It relies on ASP.NET, and your mail server, and the program author did have to provide some support (but, was very prompt and helpful). The program is PDF, web site I have no financial interest, just a satisfied customer.

    Girish, your blog is very informative, and I hope you don’t mind me mentioning this program (if so, please delete my post).

  144. Hi,

    i like to submit just 1 page of my 40 page interactive flexible pdf file. I know how to make a submit button and it works to submit the whole pdf file. But does anybody know how to submit just a part of a pdf?


  145. Thank you for this! I was creating a form for Hospice and it was driving me nuts how to change the submit from an xml to a pdf. The “help” file on this program isn’t very intuitive, so you saved the day.

  146. Hi I can’t get the form to have data when it sends. Any ideas?

  147. I created a form in LiveCycle and added an email submit button but when the form is tested in SOME Lotus Notes applications, the email address is listed twice. Can ANYONE help me on this? It works fine on MicroSoft Outlook…

  148. Great, thank you so much for this info !!
    I was totally lost, trying to find a way to submit the PDF, and not the XML.

  149. Is it possible to have both a xml and pdf attachment when using the submitForm or MailDoc methods?

  150. fillablepdfforms

    Hi ,

    I have a PDF with fields and menu selections a user will access, select, and enter their data. Is it possible that the user can SAVE this data and then export/ import it again to the form in adobe reader?

    I tried giving the usage rights but its not working.

    Some one told me that I can place export and import button using javascript but nothing comes up with that also.

    Please sugesst something as I am trying to do this from last 6 months.

  151. Hi there, I created a form with a submit button that sends the pdf fine. This is a rather minor cosmetic thing, but the trouble is when the file attachment appears, the filename includes all the “%20” in place of the spaces. So when I send the pdf file, the filename on the attachment appears as “SOP0xx%20Change%20Note%20Procedure.” How can I make the filename appear normal?

  152. Hi Girish,

    You seem to be a real PDF form wiz.
    I’ve manage all the Submit-issues people have been talking about here however I’ve hit the wall with another issue in my form.

    I’ve made an order form and in a Drop-Down List under “Object”->”Binding”->”Specify Item Values”, I have given each Text (product) a value.
    Then in a numeric field the value is surpose to show up according to the Product the buyer has choosen from the Drop-Down List.

    I did some research on the Web and I found this formcalc coding:
    UnitPrice.rawValue = Description.rawValue;
    Which I wrote under “change” for the Drop-Down List.

    Now here’s my problem. The value only occures if I click twice on the same product in the Drop-Down List. I of course want the value to appear after just 1 click!

    On the web where I found the example you can also download a template for this coding. And whenever I use their template it works fine but as soon as I copy the coding to my own form I have for some weird reasons to click twice on the product.

    Do you have any clue what could be wrong with my form?


  153. Help! I am so frusterated….

    I have a form and created an email button (not the Email Submit from the object library, given this does not support to send a pdf with the data – only send data as an xml). I selected .pdf and set the submit to

    I did try everything but can’t get it to work. I had another person look at it and he told me it works fine…

    When I would use the Email Submit Button, I do get a popup on the email I want to use, when I dod this with the other button (mailto:…) nothing happenes!!!

    The thing is, this should be an orderform for a website people can fill in. I do not understand what’s wrong here.

    I am using Live Cycle Designer v8.2 and Acrobat Reader v9

    Any thoughts?

    • Girish Bedekar

      you cannot submit the PDF form when using reader – UNLESS you have applied usage rights to the form using acrobat.
      I have the instructions on how to apply usage rights some where on my blog. Search for “submitting PDF by e-mail”

  154. Hi Girish,

    Thanks for replying to my import/export problem but what I am looking for is something different. Can you tell me your Email ID so that I can show you a PDF form.

  155. Hi Girish,

    I did find your article about this: “Then open the form in Acrobat – Under Advanced menu there is a option called “Enable Usage Rights in Reader”. Select this option then it asks to save your form.Save the form. This form can now be emailed when the user clicks the submit button”

    The things is however I use a Dutch Acrobat 8 Standard and cannot find the option “Enable Usage Rights in Reader”.

    I do have an “Advanced” menu option (Geavanceerd), but the underliying menu items do no display the “Enable…” option.

    I have “Ondertekenen & certificeren” (Sign and certify), “Beveiliging” (Security), “Beveiligingsinstellingen” (Security settings), “Vertrouwde identiteiten beheren…” (Manage trusted identities), “Afdrukproductie” (Print production), “Documentverwerking” (contains things like export images, delete all connections etc), “Web capture” and “Toegang” (Access).

    Not sure what I miss… i.e. what to do next. Any help (like a screenshot where to find the option) would be tremendously helpfull!


    • Girish Bedekar

      Hi Johan
      May be you need acrobat professional, not sure. But will confirm on tuesday, we have a long weekend here in US(Memorial day holiday)

  156. We have a solution to let you submit your forms as a PDF via email without the need to save and attach or use an email client we don’t charge much and its try-before-you-buy, it a server-side form processor we setup to provide simple submit functionality for the clients we developed forms for but have decided to open it up to others that faced the same problem


  157. thanks for information. blog nice

  158. I’m having multiple problems with my PDF. I created the “submit by email” button, tested it myself and with my boss, and was excited when it worked. I then sent it out to over 20 co-workers across the country that need it and found out it doesn’t work for over half of them. I assume its due to different versions of adobe, but cannot find a clear answer on how to fix it.

    When clicking the “submit to email” button they claimed nothing happened. Then they tried to save, fill out, and send back, and it denied them the capabilities to save.

    I opened the form in my acrobat 7.0 version and could not find the “enable usage rights” option under the “Advanced” tab. I do see a “change reading options” but it is grey and I cannot click on it.

    Any ideas?

  159. Hello Grish,

    I keep coming back to the site to see if I can make something new happen, you are doing a great job helping people out. I have a situation I am trying solve.

    I figured out how to make the email button work and have different information populate the email message and the rest of the email.

    I need for a information to be populated into the message area based on what is answered with 2 radio buttons. I have a Yes and No button. If they select yes all the information from a table will populate the message area. If they click No only one sentence will go in to the message area. I am using a JavaScript for the email already, in Click, I have other items already being pulled from the form to populate the message area. Can you please help?

  160. Hello Again, I really appreciate your help on making the form work for me the first time, I know you probably are busy with many other items but I ran into a snag, I am trying to figure out how to have it so I can have information from both tables in this form show up in the email. I tried a couple of different ways and I cannot seem to get it to work. The information would be the same as the first table but from page 2 Table 3, need a Yes and No question answered and have the email MSG area populated. I still am having troubles making the Yes answer work. Thank You very much for help.

  161. Hi Girish,

    Are fillable PDF forms compatible on a Mac?

    Using a PC – I’ve created the form with LiveCycle 8, enabled usage rights in Acrobat 8 Pro.
    The problem is when Mac users fill in the form, the data is not saved when emailed.
    I have even tried just saving the filled in document on a Mac (not emailing) and reopening it, only to find out that the form data is lost.
    Here is an example:

    Thanks for the help!

  162. Let me start off by saying that I don’t have any programming experience but do have an IT person here at work that does not know the answer to this.
    I have created a very lengthy form in Adobe LiveCycle Designer. The form has fields of ALL types, radio button, multiple selection lists, drop down boxes, check boxes, etc.
    I have been asked to see if there is a way that when submitted (via email) the form will only send the pieces that have been selected, not the entire form. For example there is a radio button that asks for education level, if someone selects HS Diploma or GED, I want just that to submit not all the other options. Is this possible? If so, how is that done?

  163. I have the same problem as many others here, I’m submitting the PDF form in Lotus Notes and the email address is listed twice (looks like It works fine on MicroSoft Outlook. Could anubody solve this issue???

    Thanks for you help.

    • sorry, i do not have the solution for it yet

      • There is something wrong with Lotus Notes version 6.5. I’ve been able to try it on version 8 and it works fine. Unfortunately I still need it working on version 6.5. Thanks anyway I’ll keep trying.

  164. Hi – I’ve built a form with LiveCycle 8.0. Everything works great so far, but there are some questions open. Is it possible to just send specified fields with the xml data file? How do I import more than one of those xml data files into one excel spreadsheet? Hope somebody can help me out, never built something like that… Cheers Tina

    • Hi
      You cannot send just one or two field with the xml data.
      To import the xml file in to excel, open excel and from the data menu you should be able to import the xml file
      let me know if you need any more help

  165. Hi again… I ran into a for me insolveable problem: error “accessor p1 unknown” … Don’t know what to do…. can you help?

  166. Hi there,
    I’m trying to make it so the replies to my form are sent to SharePoint (anonymous vs. sent to my email). Is this possible? I’ve read it is but cannot figure out how. I’m working in Adobe 8.

    • Hi
      It is possible if you are using adobe livecycle ES2, I suggest you take a look at the adobe livecycle ES2. Let me know if you have problems downloading a trial version of livecyle ES2

  167. Hi Girish,

    I have created my email-able form and all is working well, except i was hoping to have the form automatically close once the email had been sent. using Adobe 8 and Lifecycle here.

    Is there a way to do this?

    i would ideally like there to be a pop up once the email was sent, telling the end user ‘thanks, document now closing’ or somehting similar.

    Thanks in advance!

  168. Hi

    I was having the same problem. If you want your form returned back in PDF Form you do the following:

    1 – Go in Livecycle, drag your button on your form(Choose Button and not EMAIL SUBMIT BUTTON), change Control Type to Submit, then go to the Submit tab and in the URL field type: mailto: then change Submit As option to “PDF”.

    2. – Save your form. then close Livecycle and open just Adobe Acrobat. Open your form. Then click on Advanced < Extend Features in Abobe Reader. Click save. *This will allow users that only have Abobe Reader to view your form.

    3. Form Completed, it should work

  169. Michelle Powell

    I can’t get the submit via email to work. I don’t have an “Enable Usage Rights in Reader” in my Acrobat Pro 9.3.4 and I know next to nothing about writing code! Please help!

    • Hi Michelle,

      I found the answer for my question hope that it will help in your case.
      The so called “Enable Usage Rights in Reader” is indeed called “Extend Features in Acrobat Reader…” in Acrobat Pro 9.

  170. Same issue with Adobe Acrobat Pro 9 here…no such option of “Enable Usage Rights in Reader” under the “Advanced” menu.

  171. Hi Girish,
    Unfortunately, I am not in a position to buy software. I’m in a corporate environment and have to use what we are given. Thanks for the suggestion, though. I guess LiveCycle isn’t the most powerful program, but it should do what I want, I think, no?
    Be well,

  172. Hi Everyone,

    I think many people are unable to find the “Enable Usage Rights in Reader” under the “Advanced” menu. You can get that under “Advanced Menu named as “Extended features in Adobe Reader”. When you want to give usage rights you have to save your form with this option.

    Let me know if anyone has more questions about this issue.

  173. Hi Girish,
    I’m trying to create a form where the submit button submits a PDF file. I’ve tried using a regular button and then selecting “PDF” in the format field but on my form when I click submit there is no execution. When I use the “Submit by Email” tab it submits fine but in “xml” format.

    • do this
      open the form in Acrobat
      Under Advanced menu there is a option called “Enable Usage Rights in Reader”. Select this option then it asks to save your form.Save the form. This form can now be emailed when the user clicks the submit button

      You can find the blog post

      • In my acrobat it says “Extend features in Adobe Reader” – which is the same thing. Also, when using livecycle designer, everytime you open the form for editing it removes those rights and you have to put them back on with acrobat after you’ve done the editing.

        One other curiosity, when users use the save a copy command, their data is lost. They can only use the save as command to save all their data.

        There are all sorts of little things you have to know to get this working correctly.

  174. Hii Girish
    I have created a from usig Adobe Live Cycle Designer 8.0. It has Submit Emial button . When I open press submit button , it gives me alert ‘No profile has been created.’ I don’t use Microsoft Outlook. But i want to sent mail without Microsoft outlook.
    Can you plz. help me?

  175. Hi,
    I am able to set up a submit button for e-mail to be submitted as PDF to multiple e-mails thanks to your descriptive, and easy to understand explanations. However, I work at an international company and need to have multiple e-mail submit buttons, one for each region. When the person is finished completing the form they are instructed to click on the submit button for their region. However, Adobe only likes the first one added, and even though I have specified different e-mail addresses for each, when clicked they all go to the same e-mail as the very first submit button created. I have a total of 5 submit bottons, PLEASE HELP

    • Hi Christina
      Send me your form, will fix it and send it to you. Send it to-

      • For your reference, I accomplished this task by doing the following:
        1. Create a dropdown list of the choices for recipient.
        2. Create textboxes for each of the elements TO/CC/SUBJECT/MESSAGE and make them invisible.
        3. Add an event to the script of that dropdown box that automatically adds details of the TO/CC/SUBJECT/MESSAGE textboxes depending on the selection chosen on the dropdown list.
        4. Add an event to the script of the email button telling it to use the TO/CC/SUBJECT/MESSAGE info from the textboxes to prepare the email.
        *It was also necessary to assign Reader admin rights in Acrobat after preparing the form in LiveCycle, so that recipients would receive the entire PDF and not just the XML data.

      • Jeannie,
        A drop down menu sounds perfect. I am a bit new to Livecycle. Would you be able to explain this a little more in detail or give an example I can work off of? Specifically, where exactly would I go to add an event?

  176. Jeannie,
    A drop down menu sounds perfect. I am a bit new to Livecycle. Would you be able to explain this a little more in detail or give an example I can work off of? Specifically, where exactly would I go to add an event?

    • Girish is extremely helpful, so take advantage of his offer if you want to.

      If you want to know how to do this for yourself, however, this might get you atarted:

      I have temporarily published an example at
      Please do not share this file as it contains actual email addresses.
      Open it with LiveCycle and have a look.

      I think you can see where to replace my email addresses/subject/message with your own. Be careful not to accidentaly delete symbols or punctuation.

      You can also adjust the number of cases (I used 8 options) by applying logical copy/paste or delete operations.

      You do not need to put in the row for a CC: address if you haven’t got one. As you can see in my example, some options have a CC: and others don’t. Where there is no CC:, use the term “fake” instead of an email address, cf. case 1.

      To access the place where you enter scripts, use the Window menu to open the Script Editor and use the “Show:” drowp down menu to select “Events with scripts”. (NB: You can drag the bottom of the frame containing the script editor open to make it bigger.)

      Note that my scripts are both Java. (See the language drop down on the right side of the script editor.)

      While the script editor is reavealed:
      Click on SECTOR in the Hierarchy panel to reveal the script for the drop down menu where you select the recipient.

      Click on EMAILBUTTON in the hierarchy panel to reveal the script for the email button.

      Take note of the invisible textboxes in the hierarchy.

      Take note of the properties of all of the elements on the page.

      I will remove the file soon, so please download it asap.

      • P.S. You will also see a line at the top of each script which gives the path in the document where the element resides. When younpaste the code into your document, do not paste my path. You need to use the path for your element in your document.

      • Girish Bedekar

        Thanks for helping Christina . I have modified her form to include a drop down list as suggested by you. Hope it works for her
        Once again thanks for helping

      • My pleasure, Girish! I was really happy with the help you gave me a few months ago. Thought I should return the favour. Happy New Year!

    • Garish & Jeannie,
      Thank you both for all of your help. Garish, you are completely amazing and I really appreciate everything!!!!!

  177. I assume you now have my file if you want it so I will remove in tomorrow morning. Sydney time that is!

  178. Hi,

    I have created a form in ACrobat10 on windows and my client says that the form is not functioning well on MAC. What is this issue.

    I have this problem 2-3 times.
    Please help!

    • Susan,

      I’ve had the same problem with Mac’s – the reason is, by default Mac’s use a program called “Preview” to view PDF’s. To use a fillable form Mac users need to use Adobe Reader.
      To fix the problem, I put a message at the top of each form with a “help” link for Mac users – here is the instructions I use for Mac users

  179. Hello Grish,

    You have helped me in the past with populating a message area of an email. Todd | June 24, 2010 at 5:48 pm
    It works great been using it a lot with my forms.

    I have another question close to this same problem. I am using the script that you helped me with to get the table information in the email message. I am working on the same form that you helped me in the past but his time I am trying to get the save button to verify if there is any empty fields in the two tables in the form. I have add and delete rows so I need for the verification to go through the entire table whether it has 1 or 10 rows showing.

    I can send you the form if needed.

  180. Hi

    I have tried so hard to follow all these instrucations and I still can’t get my file to email!!

    What exactly do I need to type in the submit to URL field? when I click my emial button it comes up with a warming saying the document is trying to connect to: and then lists a whole bunch of random symbols with my email address embedded in it..

    When i click allow it does nothing…. I’m using Livecycle 8.0 and have Outlook.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. My work IT team are not the most helpful!


  181. The tip about switching xml to pdf was very helpful. Tx!

  182. i am having the similar problem of not being able to email a form created in adobe pro 7.0 when its opened on reader.
    do i have to upgrade my PRo or is there a way around this?

    • Girish Bedekar

      Did you follow the following steps?
      open the form in Acrobat
      Under Advanced menu there is a option called “Enable Usage Rights in Reader”. Select this option then it asks to save your form.Save the form. This form can now be emailed when the user clicks the submit button

  183. Yes sir,
    but there is no button with that label. I am using pro 7
    is there anything else i can do besides an upgrade?

  184. Hello,i just installed adobe pro x on win xp with ms office 10 on the user pc and she is getting this error msg when she is opening adobe made form from web using livecycle indesign part from adobe x.
    error: Word (Version XP or onward) could not be found on the machine.
    any idea how to fix this? help please

  185. correction, when she is opening Word downloaded form in LiveCycle getting the error: Word (Version XP or onward) could not be found on the machine. i saved the word file as .doc it didn’t work gave same error.

  186. I have created a fillable form in xpro and have an email submit button that works OK. However I can’t get the form to email, as read only. Any help would be appreciated.

  187. Hi
    I tried everything but,it doesn’t work.. doesn’t work…
    I changed,
    <submit format=”xml”
    Change the “xml” to “pdf” and saved
    and then i saved the file as a PDF document and to click on "submit by Email" button
    it is opening a window ant it says " send as PDF data"
    P.S. I am using Adobe Pro 9 and Lifecycle Desinger ES 8.2 ver.
    Please Help!!

    • Girish Bedekar

      What is the problem you are facing? Can you please explain your problem?

      • I want to creat a pdf doucument by Lifecycle Desinger. I created it. I want to on it a “submit by e-mail” button.There is no problem i created the button. i have tried so hard to follow all these instrucations and I still can’t get my file to e-mail!!
        when I click “submit by e-mial” button it comes up new window and it is saying ” send as PDF data” . it is like “save as”
        I couldn’t sent the document to my e-mail inbox.

        I am using Acrobat to assign the user rights.

  188. Are you using Acrobat to assign the user rights?

  189. Greetings,

    I am not sure if this will help — it sounds to me as though your button is programmed to save data rather than creating an email with the pdf file attached.

    You could try deleting the button in LiveCycle, put on a plain button from the standard objects in the object library, rather than an email button. Then, on the field tab, select ‘submit’ where you have the three options for control type. That will create a submit tab. On the submit tab you will see Submit to URL: — this is where you put in your return email address, like this “” — If you also want to put in a subject line and a message, here is an example of how it needs to be formatted: blah blah.&body=Blah blah blah. Blah blah blah.

    The ?subject= and the &body= are bits of code that are used to indicated the beginning of the text strings for the subject lkine and body message of the email.

    Below that URL text box you will see the drop down seletion menu that allows you to choose how the form will be submitted. By default it says XML, but you should change that to PDF, so the form will come back as a full PDF form.

    The email button will trigger the creation of an email only if you are using a desktop email program like Outlook. It also recognises the AOL email software and others. But, if you are using webmail, like hotmail or any other internet based email program, then your respondents have to save the document on your computer and manually attach it to an email.

    I always make sure to put a tooltip on the button and a text box under the button explaining this to users.

    • Thank you Jean,for your inform.
      Actually, i would like to send the pdf document via webmail(like hotmail).
      I gonna try about it,
      I will creat a pdf document and there will be some information about users (Name, surname, e-maill address,.. etc) and there will be a button(send by e-mail) on the pdf document. After the users finish fill up the document
      to click on ” send by e-mail” button and then the pdf document comes to my inbox. I would like to do it. I hope you understand me. (By the way sorry for my bad English)
      Thank you..

      • Hi Ayhan,

        If the users are only using webmail, then, as far as I know, the email submit button will not work. Instead, you will see a window pop up that explains you must save the pdf file then attach it to an email yourself. That means the respondents have to type in the email address of where the form needs to go.

        Because of this, whenever I make a form with an email button, I always use a tool tip on the button and a textbox near the button to explain this to users. Here is an example of the text I use on the tool tip:

        “Button for submitting by email – please note information that follows regarding the use of this button”

        Here is an example of the text I use on the form near the submit button:

        “This form has been designed for electronic submission. After completing and saving this form, please use the ‘Submit by email’ button to open a pre-addressed email with your completed PDF form attached. If you are using webmail, you will be prompted to save the form on your computer, then manually attach it to an email and send it as an attachment to:

        I do not know of any other way to make the button work with webmail. I don’t think it is possible. So, I always put a note like the above near the button and ensure that it includes the return email address so the respondent knows where to send the form.

        Hope this helps?

  190. Sorry that’s save the document on their computer not your computer, of course!

  191. Margie Brownsberger

    Thank you for your input. I tried it and it works great as long as I am emailing the form to someone who also has Adobe 9. Otherwise it will not allow them to save the form.

    Ahem………… Adobe ………. are you listening to this thread ? All kinds of very wise people have been trying to work around an issue that should be FIXED by the maker of the software —– SIMPLY — not by changing settings, editing code, etc, etc, etc

    • Girish Bedekar

      Sorry to hear about your problems
      Just to confirm before the form was e-mailed to the other user did you “Extend Features in Adobe Reader”, this can be done from “Advanced | Extend Features in Adobe Reader” . what this does is allows a person who is opening the form using Adobe Reader to save the fillable form. Without doing this the end user will not be able to save the form if it is opened in Adobe Reader

  192. Margie Brownsberger

    Where might I find “Advanced Extend Features in Adobe Reader” .

  193. Girish Bedekar

    Advanced is a top level menu item
    Extend Features in Adobe Reader is a sub menu item
    Which version of Acrobat are you using?

  194. Margie Brownsberger

    Sorry – disregard. I found it.

  195. Yes, Extending Rights is always disabled when you open the form in LiveCycle designer. So, every time you modify the form, you have to reopen it in Acrobat and once again assign rights for Adobe Reader. Hope it is all working now, Margie?

  196. Rathina Balaji

    Hi Girish,

    Can you recommend some ebook so that I can learn acroform so that I can submit the form data to a URL , by email.
    Rathina Balaji

  197. Hi
    I’ve created a form using Livecycle 8, i’ve used a button on it and changed the settings of it to email the form as a pdf attachment. This works fine until i try using it on adobe 9. On adobe 9, i can’t save any data on the form and i can’t send the actual form once it’s filled in, it will only send the data. I’ve got no idea what to do to fix this. The form is to be filled in and sent back to us by the general public, so it needs to be compatible with all softwares. I need to fix this problem as quickly as possible. Any help would be appriciated.


    • Girish Bedekar

      Hi Shabana
      When you say Adobe 9, does it mean you are using Reader 9 or Acrobat 9.
      If your end users are going to use the Reader(which is free) to send the form you will have to do the following before distributing the form
      open the form in Acrobat
      Under Advanced menu there is a option called “Enable Usage Rights in Reader”. Select this option then it asks to save your form.Save the form. This form can now be emailed when the user clicks the submit button

      Let me know if you need any help

  198. Hi Girish
    I meant reader. I’ve just tried your suggestion and it worked. I’m now able to save the data on the form and email it.
    Thank you very much for your help.


  199. Hi again Girish
    Need some of your expertise to help with livecycle yet again. I’m trying to set up a form with 5 checkboxes on it. I need to work this way, you can either only tick box 1 or tick a combination of the other 4. you should never be able to tick box 1 with other 4 choices. also box once should automatically blank out if another choice is ticked and other choices should blank out if box 1 is ticked. am i making any sense?


  200. This is a bit of a puzzle, sounds like it would be confusing for respondents. It might be better if you could find another way of presenting the options.

    However, keeping with your idea, it sounds like you need a bit of code that says if box 1 is checked, make the other choices unavailable. Then you need some instructions on the form that say, “If box 1 is checked the other choices will be unavailable,” so your users will understand what is happening.

    Then you also need some code that says, if any of the other boxes are checked, then box 1 will be unavailable. And some more instructions for the respondent that say somthing like, “To make box 1 available, you must uncheck all other boxes.”

    Hope that helps.

  201. Hi Girish! I am new with scripting and need help. There was a question here that was posted in June 17, 2009, and that’s exactly what i need to do.
    I was to pre-define the email address dependent on items selected in a dropdown in the form. E.g:

    If “drop down box” == “1”

    Else if “drop down box” == 2

    Else if “drop down box” == “3”

    please help. Thanks!


  202. Hi Girish,
    I’d like to add something in anticipation to your reply…The design form was changed. Now I have two drop down list. Dropdown B is dependent on the choice selected in Dropdown A (the scripting for this is ok and set). What I need to do is set the send button (email address) dependent on what was chosen in Dropdown B. Hope that make sense.
    Really looking forward to your reply.
    – Nelle 🙂

    • Hi Nelle,
      I have a file with the features you are requesting. The way I set it up was to have invisible to, cc, subject and body message fields on the form. Then the code populates those files based on the selection from a drop down box. And the code on the send button is set to use those fields in the construction of an email.

      I put a stipped down version of the file on DropBox so you can download it and see how the coding works. Note that the invisible fields are at the bottom of the page. I’ll leave the file there for a short time so you can get it but, since the real email addresses are all still there in the coding, I don’t want to leave it there permanently. Here is the link to the file (use copy and paste and and be sure to get the whole thing in case it breaks over two lines when I upload this post):

      You can join DropBox quickly for free.

  203. Hi Girish,

    I want to learn how to put fillable PDF on different servers and also how can we connect them to database after we put any X pdf on wesbite.
    From where can I learn all this.Any help in this regard will be very appreciable.

    I have googled a lot but not able to find anything helpful.

  204. Hi Jean,
    Thanks in advance for your help. I copied and paste the link and sign up for drop box but cant seem to access your dropbox acct. How do I do that? Thanks again!

    • Hi Nelle,

      Sorry, I’m a very casual user of dropbox. Please try this link instead:

      Please let me know when you have the file so I can remove it from online.

      Best wishes

      • One more comment. I probably neglected to assign rights for adobe reader on that file; so, if you play with it in reader, it may come up with warnings about not being able to save the data. I assume you know about assigning these rights.

        Also, I assume that you are going to be looking at the file in LiveCycle mainly, to see how the code works.

  205. Hi Jean :),
    Got the file. Thanks so much. I’ll try your script on my form and let you know. Again, I really appreciate your help.


  206. Hi Jean,
    I looked at your form and it is the feature that I am looking for, thing is my dropdown data is included in a script and I am not sure how to go abt it. Anyways, I have placed the sample form in the dropbox.
    Thanks :),

  207. Hi Nelle,

    The dropbox link doesn’t work. I think you need to put the file in your public folder, then right click the file and get the public link for it.


  208. Hi Jean,
    Sorry abt that – 1st time user…Here it is…
    Thanks in advance.

  209. I would like to ask for a help, please.
    I can not make Submit tab to appear in LS Designer 8.2. I tried few suggestions and still doesn’t come up.
    Thank you.

  210. Attach PDF file to email.
    I created a Word document that I then converted to PDF with Acrobat X Pro. I then attached this PDF file to my email (Thunderbird) and sent it to the recipient. However, looking at my bcc copy I see that the PDF document is blank. I have just moved from Acrobat 6 Pro due to change of PC and I have to say Acrobat 6 Pro was a lot easier to use.
    Can anybody advise me how to attach PDF documents to my emails.

  211. Hi Girish,
    I used Acrobat X Pro to convert the Word document and the PDF document looked fine when opened in Acrobat. I am using the demo trial version as I wanted to make sure it could do what I used to use Acrobat 6 Pro to do before I coughed up the dinero.
    I hope you can help me.

  212. Hi Girish,
    The Word document when converted to PDF by Acrobat Pro opens fine in Acrobat X Pro or Acrobat Reader. However, when I try to attach any PDF file (including PDF files that were created in Acrobat 6 Pro) in my Thunderbird email – the PDF file becomes a blank file and what I get is a dialog box that states: the location of the file on my PC followed by a second line that says “Application not found”.
    What is Acrobat X Pro playing at??

  213. Is there a way to have it email two different people?

  214. Hi,
    I have created a fillable pdf form using Livecycle ES2, I then enabled usage rights in Acrobat X Pro. I am trying to get this form to email back to me for testing, when I click on the submit button which is an Email Submit Button I get the dialog box asking one of the two options Desktop email application or Internet Email. We are using Windows Live Mail so when I click on Desktop email application nothing happens. It doesn’t seem to matter if I change the email button to a Submit and save the form as PDF.


    • You need outlook or lotus notes email client on your desktop when submitting the pdf by email

    • Hi CIndy,

      The various buttons used to submit by email only work if the user has a desktop email program, like Outlook. Otherwise, if the user has only webmail, like hotmail or gmail, etc. they will have to save the pdf file on their computer and then manually attach it to an email, add a subject line and address the email themselves.

      When I design a form with an email submit button of any type, I always add a note both on the form below the button and sometimes on the text that pops up when you hover over the button to explain how the button works.

      Sometimes my users don’t even realise they are using webmail, they don’t get the difference between having a desktop email program and using a webmail program. I try my best to put in a succint but full explanation so that everyone understands how the email submit button works. I am not sure I have as yet perfected those instructions. Here is an example of a form I use, please check out the submission instructions on the last page of the form:


  215. Thank you Girsh and Jean,

    I actually figured out by going to Start>Default Programs>Set program access and computer defaults>double click Custom>Where it says Choose a default e-mail program I choose Windows Live Mail. I also where it says Choose a default web browswer I choose Internet Explorer>click Ok.

    Now when the options Desktop email application comes up I click ok and Windows Live Mail comes up with my email address and the attachment that I filled out. I am using Windows 7 and after selecting those settings, it works great!


    • Hi Cindy,
      Many thanks for that info. I guess that requires that you have a hotmail account, is that right? Does Windows Live Mail connect only to hotmail? I will check that out as my work email uses Outlook Web App if we are away from the office. Maybe that can be set up as you describe.

      At the same time, I think this would still be problematic for my thousands of users as they would need a lot of instruction. Many just wouldn’t have it in them to jump through those hoops in order to submit a form.

      If this works with my work email account, I might set up a page explaining all this and upload it to our website so I can add a link to forms which offers people the option of changing their email settings to enable direct submission of forms via email. There must also be other benefits beside form submission. I’ll have to think about it.

      Thanks for taking the time to add this information to the thread.


  216. Hi Jeannie,

    Here is a link to help you with Windows Live Mail, you can add multiple email accounts like Hotmail, Yahoo and G-Mail.

    You are right users would need a lot of instructions. I have been banging my head for 3 weeks.


  217. How to dynamically block elements of the list?

    • Hi
      Can you please explain what you are planning to do?

      • i have two dropdown lists:

        first list:
        1. numbers
        2. odd
        3. even

        second list:
        1. one
        2. two
        3. three
        4. four
        5. five

        when element “odd” is selected on first list then on second list should be visible only:
        1. one
        3. three
        5. five

        when element “even” is selected on first list then on second list should be visible only:
        2. two
        4. four

  218. Hi all ,
    how can I dynamically choose the email address for sending the email.

  219. I get email now I try to read it/open,the sender tell me that if I want to read that attached file I must to go,oh please help me I want to complete those attachment today 06/12/2011

  220. I need to create a submit button that will submit to the email address that the user types into the email address field. Can I somehow link the submit button to that field so whatever email address is typed in it will submit to it.

  221. Nope that doesn’t work I need the submit button to somehow send to whatever email address is typed into the email address field.

    Is there some way to link the submit button to the email address field?

    • Yes, the blog does exactly type in email address in a field on the form, then when you submit the form the email address is picked up from the value entered in the field I can send you the pdf if you want Thanks Girish

  222. I see that the sample pdf does what I want, but I can’t figure out how to do it from the instructions. Sorry I’ve never used LiveCycle before so I pretty much need the for Dumbies version.

    Could you spell out the steps, please!

  223. Hi
    To do what you are trying to do requires some level of expertise in javascript language. You would need to have some experience in programming/scripting language.I suggest you get familiar with javascript. the help in livecycle designer is pretty helpfull to get you started

  224. Thanks, I’ll check it out and see if I can make sense of it.

  225. Hi Girish,

    I have designed a form in livecycle designer. I have submit button in two stages. one for the user and one for the manager. I want the following to happen when i click the submit button.

    1. submit the form.
    2. retrieve the email address of the sender and be displayed in another textbox.

    for eg. if I submit a form by clicking the submit button, the form should be submitted and at the same time put my email address in another textbox.

    All your help would be highly appreciated.


    Rishi Vakharia

  226. Hi Girish,
    We have a form which accepts data from users on the internet and the form has a Submit button which sends the form data as XML to a common mailbox. Is there some way to encrypt the XML data so that it can be read only by us?

    • Hi
      I am not aware of any thing to encrypt the data. instead of that why not consider a Rights protected pdf documents or a password protected document?

  227. Hi Girish-
    HELP! I’ve created a few forms in different languages in LiveCycle Designer ES2. They seem to work fine but I have a few questions
    -is it possible to set the form fields to the correct language when they are filling it out?
    – once the user fills out the form and clicks submit there is a window that pops up “select email client”, does that have to come up or can we disable it? If so how?
    – if that window does have to come up and the user on the other end selects “desktop email application” and get an error why does that happen?
    It would be wonderful if I could avoid that window all together. Hopefully that’s possible. Thanks.

    • to email the pdf form, the end user needs to have some email client application such as outlook installed on his desktop. once the user select a email client option, that window will not appear
      I am not clear what you mean by “set the form fields to the correct language” can you please elaborate?

  228. Hi Girish,
    We have a dynamic pdf that when we use the Email button functionality with Reader Extensions, we are able to email the PDF with data filled in. However, when we use the Internet Explorer’s “send->page by email” functionality, the pdf is sent without the filled-in data. Is there a way to solve this issue?

  229. I want to add a button that enables users to save the PDF form locally.
    Acrobat 9 Pro can add a button activating a menu command (in this case FILE:SAVE AS), but if I edit the form in LiveCycleDesigner 8.2.1, that button immediately becomes disabled. If I build the form in LiveCycle, how can I add this to a button? I looked at “Events with Scripts” and found PreSave and PostSave, but don’t know which one to use for FILE: SAVE AS or how to apply it to a new button.

  230. Hi!

    I would like to know how to put into email subject fields value, foe example person ID ?

    Best regards,

  231. Hi
    I’ve got a problem trying to make a dynamic form. So far i’ve managed to layout the form and make the text box expand. I need the text box to expand onto the next page as and when required. Please note it is only a 1 page form to begin with and only needs to expand onto the next page if the last text box needs the space.

  232. Hi, Is there anyway to remove the email client option dialogue box that pops up when the submit button is clicked – I want it to always default to desktop application rather than give an option of internet email as well.

  233. I have a form with an email button- changed from xml to pdf – changed user rights to enabled. When opened in adobe reader the buton does not work? I want a user to be able to email the pdf form itself

    • How did you apply the user rights? if you have applied them from Acrobat- that will not work. You need “Submit Outside Web Browser” usage right enabled . This right is
      only available when you have Reader Extensions on the Server
      Hope this helps

  234. Girish,

    I am needing your assistance. I have created a form and I am wondering if there is a way to change the text that comes back to me/my client in the notification email once the user submits the form? I apologize if I might have missed this in a previous comment, but there is so much useful information here on your blog. Any step-by-step information you can give me will be helpful.

  235. Pingback: » How to Submit - Medicare pdfs

  236. Girish, 2 quick questions I’d be ever so greatful.
    I know this blog is for LiveCyle, I am using ADOBE X PRO.
    1. I have created a form in which there is an attachment. Is there a way to pre-populate text fields in the attachment from text fields in the main document? The “import form data” action appears to only allow for data which is already locally saved and located.
    2. Is there a way in x pro to link an email text field to an email submit button? So the when the email window opens, it is pre-populated with the addresses located in the text field.

  237. Ok. I have managed to answer my own second question. I need to add to the code however so that it will not submit before required fields are completed. X Pro has this utility under “submit form” however, once java is added, it overrides.

  238. The emails with xml attachments that are generated by the standard LiveCycle email submit button suggest that the data can be processed ‘automatically’ in much the same way as fdf data files, by attaching to the original form. This doesn’t seem to be the case (the xml opens in IE by default, and if saved and attempted to open in Acrobat, just gives a ‘corrupted file’ error message. Is there a reliable and simple way of dealing with indidual forms data received back as xml, or do we have to change the format to pdf submission as described here and elsewhere?
    Adobe are obviously keen for the xml option to be used, given that they hard-code that in, and the ways around it are obscure.

    • If you try to open the XML data file in acrobat it will fail
      Sorry I am not sure what the question is here?

      • When we receive an fdf by email it contains the message “The recipient of this data file should save it locally with a unique name. Adobe Acrobat Professional 7 or later can process this data by importing it back into the blank form or creating a spreadsheet from several data files” and the data populates the form automatically by just clicking on the fdf to import the data into Reader. (i.e. it knows where the original Acroform template is).
        The email with an xml file attached from a LC form provides a similar message “The recipient of this data file should save it locally with a unique name. Adobe Acrobat Professional 7 or later can process this data by importing it back into the blank form or creating a spreadsheet from several data files.” but presumably the simple ‘automatic’ import is not possible? (Hence some of the folk in this blog finding the way to change the LC email submit button to send a full pdf, with increased file size implications). My form is a part of an approval workflow that is dealt with individually by the recipient of the email, so setting up complex data connections and processing collections of forms is not appropriate.

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