Complete Task using Watched Folder

LiveCycle ES has a complete Task service which lets you complete a task using email. Apparently that is not enough,some of you have asked how do you complete a task using watchedFolder?. Well I have a solution for that. I created a new process by copying the existing CompleteTask process. Then I added exportData service operation from the formdataIntegration component, to the process.Deleted the processEmailMapSubmit step of the process.Made the exportData service operation as the first step of the process.Added/changed the following process variable

inDoc – Type Document – Input – This variable holds the PDFFile which is dropped in the WatchedFolder

attachmentMap – Map of documents This was marked as input in the original process,It no longer needs to be marked as input for this process

mailFrom – deleted this process variable

Save the process,create a WatchedFolder for the process.Take a form offline from workspace fill out the form and drop it in to the watchedFolder.

The process gets invoked,the exportFormdata operation extracts the xmldata from the pdf, the map xml data step extracts the process data from the xml data,complete task operation completes the task for the the given task id.

Below is the link to the pdf which has process as its file attachments
Click here to get the PDF which has the process files


6 responses to “Complete Task using Watched Folder

  1. I would be very interested to know more about the overall use case / scenario where someone needs to complete a task driven by a form deposited in a Watched Folder. Also where does the Task ID come from and how is the correct Task ID related to the form that is dropped in the Folder. Does is come from values already in the hidden Process XFO Fields?

  2. I do not know much about the use case, but this was requested by a customer from Taiwan. The customer wanted to take the form offline, but did not want to email. The TaskID does come from the xfo process fields, which are needed to take the form offline. The xfo fields are the ones which start with AWS_. These fields are hidden in the form and are populated in the render service.Hope this helps

  3. Kim Christensen

    I am craeting a process where I need to use something like this. However the the process must send out a form which have never been shown in Workspace. I have figured out so far taht this means that I can not use the process XFO fields. So how can I get the given taskID that I need to complete?

  4. Before you send out the form,is it possible for you to insert the taskid inside the form .That way complete task service will work.Let me know if this is possible for you, if not we will think of something else

  5. Kim Christensen

    Hi again,
    Thanks for your help, but I am not sure I understand the concept of the TaskID correctly then. TaskIDs are referring to User Assignments right?
    I am just wondering how I can send out the correct TaskID to complete? Can you provide me with a simple example of a process that sends out and email with the TaskID and will move to the next step when the mail has been received at the email. You can email me at

  6. Hi,

    Thank you for useful article.

    Can I ask something? How do I integrate the process with Watched Folder? There are many Watched Folder in our system and there are many process in our system. There is no way in Admin UI, to invoke the process that we want to start?

    We want to use the offline capabilities of PDF platform. Users of our customer will copy-paste the offline PDF files in to a FTP folder. When a PDF file uploaded then start a specific LiveCycle process to export the data of PDF and save the data to the database.

    We are currently using the Watched Folder service to convert the files in any type to the PDF format.

    And now we want to create a process and use the Watched Folders as an Endpoint.

    How do I do? Can you explain about integrity?


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